"300 of Sparta" Epic March

Thermopylae, Greece
20 May, 2024 (Mon)


378 km

About the event

Experience an 8 day, 378 km march from Sparta to Thermopylae. Take in the beautiful views along the journey, with a maximum crossing top altitude of 1,240 meters at 101 km from the beginning. Enjoy overnight stays in Hotels in villages along the route, and meals at the accommodation places. Throughout the march, drinks, snacks and medical support will be provided for a safe and easy journey.

Races offered by this event

378km - 8 days

20 May, 2024 (Mon) - 08:30
8 Stages
378 km
4233 m of elevation gain
On site
Point to point
Mountain range

Course details

Course highlights

1st DAY                   7:15 – 07:45 Gathering of all participating athletes. 
07:45 Opening Ceremony in Sparta, under the statue of “Leonidas”. 08:30 The march starts.  ETAPE 1  Distance 49 km. Route:  Sparta – "Tegea" Heading towards the North, we cross the "Evrotas River" and through the regions of ancient "Sellasia", Alepochori, "Vlachokerasia" (Mt Parnon), Manthyrea, we reach the archaeological site of Tegea in Tripolis plateau. Overnight in "Kalteziotis Mansion" at Kapsia . 2nd DAY    ETAPE 2                                Distance 44 km.   Route: Tegea  - "Kandila" We continue moving northwards and after crossing the city of "Tripoli", passing next to the archaeological sites of "Mantinea" and "Orhomenos", we arrive in Candela area. Overnight in "Kalteziotis Mansion" at Kapsia 3rd DAY   ETAPE 3                                  Distance  48 km. Route:  Kandila - "Ancient Nemea".  Climbing the mount of "Artemissio",  the highest point of the route to Thermopylae, we end up in Ancient Nemea after passing through the villages of "Skotini", Platani, Galatas and the town of "Nemea". Overnight at Nafplio city. 4th DAY  ETAPE 4                              Distance 53 km.  Route:  Ancient Nemea  - "Perachora" Passing through the ancient "Stadium of Nemea", the villages of Chiliomodi and Solomos, we reach the "archaeological site of Corinth" and continiuing througth "Corinth city",  "Corinth Canal" and "Loutraki" city we arrive in the vicinity of Perachora. Overnight at Loutraki city. 5th DAY   ETAPE 5                                     Distance 49 km.  Route:  Perachora - Patima "Vilia".  We crosss the foothills of Mount Gerania and after descending to sea level in the areas of Schino, Bambakies "Alepochori",  Psatha we continue up to the mount Cethaeron and end at Patima-Vilia area. Overnight at  Vilia village. 6th DAY   ETAPE 6                                   Distance 49 km.  Route: Patima Vilia - "Aliartos" Crossing the Mount of "Cethaeron", a landscape of unique beauty and panoramic sight greets us.  It leads into the village of Aliartos, passing through the archaeological sites of "Plataea", and "Thespies". Overnight at "Thebes"  city. 7th DAY ETAPE 7                              Distance 55 km. Route:  Aliartos - "Modi"  This route (ETAPE 6) is almost entirely flat and somewhat monotonous. Nevertheless, it leads us to our today’s destination (Modi area), via important historical and archeological places like "Thourio" and "Chaeronea". Overnight at Amficlea village. 8th DAY   ETAPE 8  final                             Distance 31 km. Route: Modi - "Thermopylae" Back to the beauty of paths with incredible views across mount "Kalidromo".  While descending towards the finish, at Thermopylae, we pass through the villages of "Mendenitsa" and "Anavra". Closing ceremony  (ovation, awards of memorabilia, dinner with local food, music and other surprises). Late at night bus transport of all participants to the city of Athens. Check in at the hotel and overnight.   Next day,  Participants can either depart for their trip back home or extend their holidays to explore the City of Athens, its museums and neighborhoods on their own.

Start address

Triakosion 77, Σπάρτη, Ελλάδα

Finish address

Μνημείο του Λεωνίδα και των 300 Σπαρτιατών, Θερμοπύλες, Ελλάδα

What’s included in entry

These are included in your entry
Finisher medal
Shuttle from Airport
Timing chip (rental)
Drink Stations
Photo Service
Shuttle to Start Line
Post-race meal
Nutrition Stations
Video Service
Medical Assistance


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