Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a fantastic activity that is good for cardiovascular fitness and muscles all over the body. Based on the movements of cross-country skiing, it was created for off-season training. Now it is popular with people of all fitness levels. It's both a competitive activity and a form of rehabilitation following injury or periods of inactivity.

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Nordic Walking is the Sport for Everyone

To practice Nordic walking, whether competitive or non-competitive, you need a pair of walking shoes and a set of Nordic walking poles. It’s a sport that’s all about technique and when you get it right you’ll increase your fitness levels while feeling lighter on your feet.

This discipline has taken off right across the world in recent years and there are now more than 10 million active Nordic walkers on the planet. Its growing popularity has seen a huge surge in the variety and number of events offered to participants in over 40 countries.

Whether you’re looking for a Nordic walking race to push you to your limits or a local event to be part of a community, see the sights and raise money for charity, there really is something for everyone.

If you want to add another event to your repertoire or you’re looking for your next Nordic walking race, check our list of events in locations worldwide and choose the one that ticks all your boxes - be it community, scenery, travel or competing against the best.

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