Trail Running

Running is the most accessible endurance sport, and trail running is a technically challenging version of it. Trail running races often deliver finishers sprinkled with dust or covered in mud, bruised, scratched, and almost always happy! This is because nothing comes close to running in a natural setting. While out there in the woods, on the mountain ridge or in the middle of nowhere, you have no distractions. There’s just you and the challenge.

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Reconnect with nature on a trail run

A running race doesn’t have to mean pounding the streets. Those seeking an off-road running experience can opt for a cross country run, or take it a step further with a fell run, trail race or a skyrunning event. It is all about being connected to the elements, enjoying the views and the camaraderie with fellow trail runners.

Some runners choose trails for the proximity with nature, a unique chance to feel one with the environment. Others, who seek adventure or adrenaline, enjoy running in extreme locations such as a desert or in the arctic.

All you need for the shorter trail runs is a pair of good trail running shoes, though sometimes road shoes will do as well.

Check out our comprehensive trail running race calendar to find your next challenge.

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