Bike events are rapidly growing in popularity. The cycling industry is booming and new, exciting events are mushrooming on the global map every day. If you don’t have a bike yet, get one soon, join the trend, and add to over 1 billion bicycles around the world.

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There is a large variety of bike events, from time trials that can take less than 30 minutes, through 1-2 hour criteriums, one day road races, and multi-stage events that span over a few weeks. The shorter events require power and muscular endurance. The longer ones favour versatility, cardio endurance and often climbing or bike handling skills.

Many popular cycling events are not-competitive or semi-competitive, allowing riders to decide if they want to participate for social reasons, to compete or both. Those include cyclosportives, centuries (100 miles) or metric centuries (100 km), Gran Fondo rides (120 km or more), randonneuring events also known as brevets or audax rides (200 km or more) or even bikepacking events that take place over a few days or weeks and require participants to carry all their gear (food, clothes, tent, etc.) on the bike.

Cycling brings together like-minded people from across the world. The sport’s popularity means that anytime you travel to a cycling event, you’re almost guaranteed to make new friends. It’s a great way to see the world.

Whether you’re looking for a local cycle race to introduce you to the thrill of the sport or a more testing trial combined with travel, our cycling calendar has something for you.

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Press Release

Standard Chartered brings its globally renowned marathon to Vietnam

29 Apr, 2024 (Mon)

The iconic Standard Chartered Marathon sets foot in Vietnam as Standard Chartered announced its title sponsorship for the Hanoi Marathon Heritage Race, starting 2024. The first Standard Chartered Hanoi Marathon Heritage Race, is scheduled to take place on November 3rd, 2024, running through the vibrant streets of Hanoi’s old quarter. This is the first mass participation event title sponsored by Standard Chartered in Vietnam, a market with deep roots and a long heritage since 1904. The inaugural race will be a key milestone as the Bank commemorates its 120th year anniversary in Vietnam in 2024. Standard Chartered Hanoi Marathon Heritage Race will be the 10th race in the Standard Chartered Marathon franchise, which is renowned worldwide for its celebration of endurance, unity, and the pursuit of excellence, upholding high international race standards. Standard Chartered has had a rich history of hosting prestigious marathons worldwide since 1997. Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon is the Bank’s first marathon and the biggest one with the participation of over 70,000 runners pre-covid. This race, along with Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon which is attracting 50,000 runners in 2023, is categorized as World Athletics Gold Label. Ms. Michele Wee, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam, said: “We are very proud to be the title sponsor, bringing the first edition of the Standard Chartered Hanoi Marathon Heritage Race to Hanoi, an event that celebrates the richness of culture and heritage, which resonates with Standard Chartered as one of the oldest international banks in Vietnam. Leveraging the expertise from our Standard Chartered Marathon franchise, we aim to bring the best of traditions and modern race technology to elevate the experience for all." “The Standard Chartered Hanoi Marathon Heritage Race will be a race for everyone – bringing people from all walks of life together to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle, while binding our community through the shared values of resilience and determination,” she said. “Vietnam is a key market in our global footprint. We continue to invest more into the country to better serve our clients, colleagues and the community. Being a title sponsor of a prestigious marque event here reinforces our commitment to Vietnam. We are here for the long run. We are here for good.” she added.
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Asbel Rutto wins the Acea Run Rome The Marathon with a race record

18 Mar, 2024 (Mon)

Among women, Ivyne Lagat wins in 2h24’36" and writes her name in the roll of honor With 2h06’24" the Kenyan Asbel Rutto sets the new race record The Last Cup was awarded to Julia Khvasechko 129 flags are waving on the starting line ROME – Rome woke up to a magnificent day, with the sun caressing all the runners and illuminating their smiles, their desire to party and add a new piece of history to the thousand-year history of this city. Record number of participants and foreigners, male race record, exceptional conditions to embark on the journey towards the 30th birthday on March 16, 2025. There were the volunteers of the Roman Legion Historical Group who gave a solemn character to the start of the most attended sporting event in Italy by making the ancient shoes resonate while the musical band of the Municipal Police Corps of Rome Capital sang the Anthem National under the watchful eye of the Colosseum. It was then the Councilor for Major Events, Sport and Tourism of Rome Capital Alessandro Onorato who gave the official start at 8.30 am to around 19 thousand marathon runners, almost 11 thousand from abroad, who set off in the four waves to go and conquer the streets of the Eternal City. 40 thousand hearts fueled by the strength of the values of sport, friendship, solidarity, the desire to redeem obstacles. Before the official start, departure at 8.25 for the Inix pushers and the wheelchair athletes including the Paralympic athlete Toni Milano. THE POPE’S GREETING TO THE ANGELUS – "I welcome with pleasure the participants in the Rome Marathon, the traditional celebration of sport and brotherhood. Also this year, on the initiative of Athletica Vaticana, numerous athletes are involved in the “relays of solidarity”, becoming witnesses of sharing", Pope Francis’ comment at the Angelus in St. Peter’s Square. FINISH (MEN) – Final solo by the Kenyan Asbel Rutto who with 2h06’24" (2’59"/km) wrote a new course record, improving the 2:06:48 of the Ethiopian Bekele Tefera Fikre who won it in 2022 and his personal best of almost 3’. Place of honor for Brian Kipsang in 2h07’54" followed by Sila Kiptoo in 2h08’08" who precedes a long trail of ten Kenyans. Great race by Edgardo Confessa (Km Sport) who rose to 14th position and closed his efforts in 2h26’02" (3’28"/km). Silver medal for Ettore Scardecchia (Asd Running Evolution) in 2h28’33" followed by Fabrizio Meoli (Int. Security) with 2h29’15". “Winning in such a beautiful city with a new race record is a great emotion. I struggled several times on the cobblestones but I was very sure of my condition and my goal. True, the last 10km I was a little tired and I suffered a little from the heat but the motivation was very high. I’m not at all surprised by my move to the half marathon so early: my legs responded well and I wanted to give my best. I managed to admire this fantastic city a little and I have to thank the large audience who supported me throughout the entire journey,” said the winning Kenyan. FINISH (WOMEN)-Victory with an extraordinary personal best for the Kenyan Ivyne Lagat who finishes her efforts in 2h24’36 “(3’25” / km). The women’s podium was completed by Kenyan Lydia Simiyu in 2h25’10" and Ethiopian Emebet Niguse in 2h26’41". Tenth overall was the first of the Italians Denise Tappatà (Stamura Ancona) who crossed the finish line in 2h47’50" (3’59"/km), followed by Paola Salvatori (US Roma 83) in 2h50’48" and Damiana Monfreda (Amatori Atl Acquaviva) in 2h55’10". “What a satisfaction to win in Rome, I’m very happy with my performance. I improved my personal marathon time by about 16 minutes. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I loved racing in Rome with a huge audience applauding me. I struggled in the last 5km of the race but I held on because I wanted this result too much,” said the winner. Acea Run Rome Photos – 2024
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Behind the race - An insight into the Long Course Weekend Belgium with Matthias Lievens

13 Feb, 2024 (Tue)

Participants share a moment of celebration on the LCW red carpet In this interview series, Ahotu will be speaking with the people behind some of the most unique races across the globe. We’ll be discussing the history of the event, challenges and how to overcome them, attracting sponsors, reaching new runners and more! Thanks for joining us Matthias. For those that don’t know you or the LCW Belgium, could you please introduce yourself and the race? Of course! My name is Matthias Lievens and I act as Race Director for the Belgian version of the Long Course Weekend. I’m a passionate sports enthusiast and event organizer, a combination that led me to this role. After I took part in Long Course Weekend Wales back in 2019, I was immediately sold. I was captivated by the event’s unique atmosphere and knew I had to bring this experience to Belgium. Fast forward five years, we’re the biggest multi-sport event in Belgium and are currently making preparations for our 4th (and biggest) edition this September. For those new to the Long Course Weekend format, how does the event work? How does it differ from a regular triathlon? Long Course Weekend is a one-of-a-kind sports event. Over a single weekend, we host a series of 11 races, that span across 3 disciplines over 3 days: swimming, cycling and running. What really makes our event stand out is how it lets each participant customize their own sports-packed weekend just the way they like it. Athletes have the option to compete in a full triathlon (over 3 days), mix and match disciplines according to their own preference, or focus on a single discipline. Because we offer a variety of disciplines and distances, Long Course Weekend Belgium really has something for everyone. You could be a pro athlete, a total newcomer, or a family looking for a fun day out. The Long Course Weekend also takes place in the UK, New Zealand and Spain. What does the Belgian version offer participants? Apart from our unique concept, what really makes our race stand out is its location, Nieuwpoort. The city offers an amazing spot for swimming in the inner harbour and serves as the perfect starting point for our cycling and running courses. Our bike courses wind through historic World War sites, Flanders Fields and the classic cobblestone streets. The 180k course also features the famous Kemmelberg (a notable hill amongst the otherwise relatively flat Flanders landscape), adding an extra challenge for the cyclists. The running courses, on the other hand, are flat, making them excellent for beginners or those looking to break their personal running records. The courses take you through the beautiful polders and along the coastal scenery of Nieuwpoort and nearby areas. And then, there’s the grand finale: all our races end with a big, vibrant red carpet finish. It’s a special moment for every finisher, with friends and family cheering on the sidelines as they receive their well-deserved medal. Matthias oversees the various races that make up the Long Course Weekend Belgium How long has the race been taking place and how has it grown? This year’s weekend over the 20th – 22nd of September will be our 4th edition. Each year, we’ve seen a strong increase in the number of participants. This includes both new faces getting into the concept, as well as returning athletes who are keen to take on more disciplines than before. So far this year, the sign-up numbers are already looking great. We’re actually expecting to double our participant count from the 2023 edition, which is super exciting for us. Which countries do your participants come from? Last year, we welcomed participants from over 30 countries, which was really exciting for us. Naturally, a lot of our athletes come from neighboring countries like the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and France. But what’s truly thrilling is seeing a growing number of participants traveling from far-off places to join us here in Belgium. We’ve had athletes from as far as South Africa, Chile and the Philippines. It feels fantastic to welcome these international participants and offer them a unique experience in our event. We’re pleased to work with Ahotu to increase our international participation and reach. Thousands of participants take part from 30+ countries across the globe There are a lot of moving parts to your event, with various distances, race formats and thousands of participants. What logistical challenges does this represent? Each day has its own challenges. On Swim Day, we have around 500 athletes in the water, where anything can happen. To ensure safety, we deploy a large team of rescuers and first-aiders who remain on high alert along the sidelines, ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Bike Day brings its own set of complexities. We are committed to designing one-loop courses, which, especially for the 180k distance, is quite a logistical feat. However, this setup greatly enhances the experience for our participants, making the effort worthwhile. The most demanding day, though, is Run Day. With thousands of runners on the course simultaneously, managing the aid stations becomes a critical task. Ensuring that all athletes have access to their nutrition at the right times is crucial for their performance and safety. This requires meticulous planning and coordination to keep everything running smoothly and to provide the best possible experience for all involved. What is your favourite thing about putting on the event? This has to be the 4th medal ceremony on Sunday. This is where we celebrate all the full Long Course Weekend finishers. It’s a truly special moment, each finisher walks through a guard of honour to receive their well-deserved and unique fourth medal. They’ve given their all for 3 straight days and this is the time we celebrate their incredible effort and achievement. Besides that, there’s a huge sense of relief and satisfaction for me at the end of the event. Knowing that our team pulled off another epic event, providing a unique experience to so many different people, each with their own stories, is immensely rewarding. At this moment, with the weight lifted off my shoulders, I already begin to look forward to the next edition! LCW races offer participants the chance to test themselves across multiple disciplines Are there any partners / sponsors you would like to shout out? We’ve had amazing partners over the years helping us build this event. A huge thanks to our host city, Nieuwpoort, our sport nutrition partner Etixx and Bodycross for our LCW merchandise. Thanks to SwimTribe for the swim training sessions and Peaks for wetsuit rentals on swim day. We’re pleased to be working with Ahotu to increase our digital reach and help even more participants across the globe discover and enjoy our unique race weekend. There are so many more who contribute to making this event a success and we’re grateful to each one of them! Where else do Long Course Weekend organise events? The Long Course Weekend events are held in several awesome places. Of course the original one in Wales, then we’ve got New Zealand, a cool dual-edition in Mallorca and as of 2024, we’ve added Yorkshire to the mix! Each location has its own unique vibe and elements to the concept. What would you recommend participants do during their time in Belgium? The city of Nieuwpoort and the beach of Nieuwpoort. You can take a walk along the harbour channel and visit the largest pleasure port in Northern Europe. You can also check out the Albert I monument and more in the city and the surrounding area. Hungry? Try the Flemish beef stew, Moules-frites or of course Belgian chocolate! After your sporting challenge, reward yourself with a Belgian beer! If you have a bit more time, consider visiting the stunning medieval cities of Bruges and Ghent. Both cities are renowned for their historical charm, picturesque canals and rich cultural heritage. They are definitely worth a visit and offer a delightful taste of Belgian history and culture. The LCW Belgium offers a wide range of distances and disciplines to enjoy When is the next edition of the Long Course Weekend Belgium? The next edition is from the 20th to 22nd of September, check out our Instagram for regular updates on the race @LCWBelgium Interested in taking part? You can register for the 2024 edition of the Long Course Weekend Belgium on Ahotu – Long Course Weekend Belgium To feature in our interview series you can drop us an email on [email protected] Interested in promoting your race with World’s Marathons or Ahotu? Contact us on [email protected]
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