Running is more than just a great form of aerobic exercise. It’s been proven to be good for your mental health, memory and energy levels. And as a runner, you become part of a global community. A running event can bring together participants from all over the world to compete with and motivate each other.

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Walking regularly and taking part in walking events has many benefits. Most importantly, the increased cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness helps in reducing the risk of strokes and heart diseases. It also aids in management of conditions like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. The gentle impact generated during walking strengthens the bones in the lower body, greatly reducing risks of osteoporosis. Walking, especially when practised in parks and forests, reduces stress and releases endorphins.

Distances vary from short 1km city walks to endurance walks/hikes that are completed in stages over a course of the weekend. Many running events open to walkers the same courses used by marathoners or half-marathoners, so it is possible to complete a famous marathon without having to run!

Those willing to go a step further and progress to race walking can find events that award prizes to the fastest walkers. Although, most walking events are usually more relaxed and not about competition.

Our calendar focuses on casual, non-competitive walking events.

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