5K All Day - Wichita

Wichita, KS, USA
26 Mar, 2023 (Sun)


5 km

About the event

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5K All Day is the first race to be put on by Fartleks Running Shop.

Fartleks races, like our name, will always be a bit different. For this race instead of doing a single 5K and going home, we are challenging you to stick around and run one each hour. However, each hour we are going to give you less time to finish. If you don't finish in the given time you are eliminated. Last Man Standing Wins. 

The race starts at 8 am and you will have the entire hour to complete the 5K. But for each consecutive 5K, you will then receive 3 fewer minutes. How many can you complete as the miles add up and the pace gets faster? Can you make make it to hour 9 and complete a marathon, hour 10 and get a 50K? Can you complete one more than your friend or family member who is normally faster than you? Will anyone complete all 15 and go the entire 46.5 miles?

8 am - 1 hour9 am - 57 Minutes10 am - 54 minutes11 am - 51 minutesNoon - 48 minutes1 pm - 45 minutes2 pm - 42 minutes3 pm - 39 minutes4 pm - 36 minutes5 pm - 33 minutes6 pm - 30 minutes7 pm - 27 minutes8 pm - 24 minutes9 pm - 21 minutes10 pm - 18 minutesIf multiple finish under 18 minutes than 10:30pm will be sudden death, first across the finish wins.

The race will Start/Finish line will be at The Exploration Place. The only aid station will be at the start and finish so runners are encouraged to bring a water bottle on the runs if they need additional hydration.

There will be donuts in the morning and pizza around 1 pm. Bring a lawn chair and anything else you may need to enjoy yourself between the 5Ks.

Packet pickup will be from Noon - 5 pm March 25th at Fartleks Running Shop Smoothie Stop.

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5K All Day

26 Mar, 2023 (Sun) - 08:00
5 km
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