Portland, OR, USA
12 Feb, 2023 (Sun)


13.11 mi

About the event

Yes it's back! You can either participate in a self-timed live event that will take place on Sunday, February 12th 8:15am at Duniway Park Track or do it virtually. Either method you choose, you must submit your time to be in the official results.

To submit your time:

1. A week prior to the race you'll receive an email with your Virtual Race Bib and the link to submit results.

2. When the race window officially starts on Saturday, February 4th you'll receive an email and text message welcoming you to the race.

3. You will have between Saturday, February 4th and end of day Sunday, February 12th to either a) Participate in the in-person event on 2/12 or b) Find a standard 400m track, run a Half Marathon on said track (52.74375 laps; 52.75 is also acceptable). Either method you choose, you must submit your race results. Your race must be recorded with a GPS device, and can only be submitted as a Strava or Garmin Connect link. Please press lap either every lap or every 4 laps - this makes it much easier for the hard(ly)-working staff here at BATH Central to QA results

When you report your results, you'll be able to upload photos of your race to go into the Official Virtual 2023 BATH Race Photo Gallery. Race results will be produced online and ranked in the following ways: overall, gender, 5 year age groups, and age graded. However, awards (ye olde trophies handmade at BATH Central) will go only to the top 3 men and top 3 women.

Race results will be HERE

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12 Feb, 2023 (Sun) - 08:15
13.11 mi


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