Brutiful Dover Dirt Gravel Ride

Dover, NH, USA
13 Apr, 2024 (Sat)

Gravel biking

40 mi, 100 km

About the event

2024 Brutiful Dover Dirt, Dover, NH

How better to enjoy early-season gravel riding than with a really fun bike ride with fun people?! 

We have options for riders so you get what you want and have a really fun day on the bike! This ride is being run a little different from the last one, per our typical MO of keeping things interesting for you!

Start with a drink or food at a local cafe to start the day. We're making things convenient to support local businesses in town, offering you a nice experience, and for those who want to keep the expense of the day down, you can bring your own food.Ride a well-vetted 100km gravel ride (or shorter ~40ish mile version if you prefer) with your friends, a group of people who have similar speed aspirations for the day as you or ride soloRide in an area without much traffic and where you're probably not riding otherwiseFinish the ride with tasty, wholesome freshly made warm food, friends, and quality relaxation time. Like the pre-ride food/drink, we are directing everyone to local establishments to get food, then come hang out and spend quality time with your co-riders enjoying after ride socialization. This keeps the price of the ride down, you get to eat and drink what you want, and still get a great social atmosphere post-ride. All good things!There is no on-bike mechanical support. We're starting riders off with gaps so that slower riders will be passed by faster riders at some point and will allow more overlap which offers visibility for riders throughout the ride. Riders are expected to bring all tools necessary for mechanical situations. Details of what to bring are at the Ride Page.This is an area that may have wet ground if there have been recent rains, but we won't be doing damage since sensitive trails are not on the route. The ride is unlikely to be rescheduled due to rain. If pouring rain or dangerous weather is predicted for Saturday, we'll move the date to Sunday, April 14. It takes a lot for us to move the date since we know you've set your calendar and schedules are tricky.Insurance and basic ride scouting and organization is expensive. We want to offer you a great day on the bike and a really fun way to start the gravel season. We are offering refunds/credits, details are on the Ride Page on the NEER website.Reconnect with your gravel riding friends too! Make new friends for the season!!

The Ride Page on the NEER website has complete information about this ride, please read it in its entirety:

Races offered by this event

100 km Mixed Terrain Ride

13 Apr, 2024 (Sat) - 08:30
Gravel biking
100 km
On site

~40 mile Shorter Mixed Terrain Ride

13 Apr, 2024 (Sat) - 08:45
Gravel biking
40 mi
On site


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