CCS 5k J’ouvert Run

Boston, MA, USA
19 Sep, 2021 (Sun)


5 km

About the event

Caribbean Curvy Strong 1st Annual 5k J’ouvert Run/Walk

Caribbean Curvy Strong is an non-profit organization located in Massachusetts, our mission is to support , advocate, inspire, empower, motivate and educate individuals of all ages living with Endometriosis or their support system. We also advocate and support females of all ages that have been victims of Sexual Violence. We do this through private/group healing circle sessions, community outreach and collaboration, speaking engagements, and other events through the year. This year we will hold our 1st annual 5k run/walk to bring more awareness to our community and to raise funds for our programs. 

J'ouvert is a time of music, fun and getting dirty and that is just what we want to bring to our participants. This is a day to enjoy and raise awareness/money for our organization. At the start there will be music while you get doused in paint, mud or water. The run/walk is untimed so you can take your time and either run, walk, dance to the finish, along the way our volunteers and participants might cover you in paint or encourage you to throw water balloons or even get dirty in the mud. It is purely up to you or your group, we will have 15 minute interval start times this way we are spaced out and can really enjoy the day.

There will be photo opportunities throughout the day, we do ask when you are registering to sign our waiver for (pictures, video or other media) there will also be volunteers along the way to assist if you need it. When you reach the finish line, there will be one last dirty session and lots of snacks, music and laughter. Mix and mingle with our vendors before and after.

 Bring your family, friends, group or come alone we cannot wait to see you. 

Races offered by this event

Jouvert Virtual - (Choose your color)

Virtual race
19 Sep, 2021 (Sun) - 08:00
5 km

Jouvert - Choose your color

19 Sep, 2021 (Sun) - 08:00
5 km
On site


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