Celebration White Rock 5K/10K

Dallas, TX, USA
04 Apr, 2024 (Thu)


5 km, 10 km

About the event

It's Your Lake. Run For It!
Sign up now to run the 5K or 10K courses which are along the shores of White Rock Lake and support White Rock Lake Conservancy.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to Celebration White Rock! The commute to East Dallas is heavy between 3:30-6:30 so plan to arrive early. See parking details below for more instructions.

Pre-Run Party begins at 5:00pm:
- check-in outside Winfrey Point to receive bib, runners' packet (if you didn't get it earlier in the week)
- DJ Matthew Stafford, refreshment, water and pre-run stretch at the start line

All finishing runners will receive:
- chipped bib to record your run time
- custom finisher medal
- entry to the post run party which includes 2 beers from 4 local breweries, food from local restaurants, live music and promotional items from sponsors
- event shirt
- sunset views at White Rock Lake

Overall winners of the the 5K and 10K will have their name engraved on a stone at the spillway on the south side of White Rock Lake, forever.

Celebration White Rock is the largest fundraiser of the year for White Rock Lake Conservancy, a 501(c)3, that partners with the City of Dallas and its Park and Recreation Department to support implementation of the park’s master plan through major fundraising initiatives. The past Celebration! White Rock events have helped fund the phases of the Stone Tables restoration project and signage all around the lake.

It's Your Lake, Run For It!


Races offered by this event

10K Run

04 Apr, 2024 (Thu) - 18:00
10 km
On site

5K Run/Walk

04 Apr, 2024 (Thu) - 18:05
5 km
On site


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