Crotona 3K

New York, NY, USA
09 Sep, 2023 (Sat)


3 km

About the event

The Crotona 3K promises to be an exciting and challenging course for runners of all skill levels. This 3K race will take runners through some of the most beautiful and historic areas of Crotona Park, with stunning views of the lake and the surrounding trees.

The race will begin at 10:00 am by the Crotona Park Amphitheatre, and runners will follow a winding course through the park, with plenty of hills and turns to keep things interesting. Along the way, runners will pass by some of the park's most notable landmarks, including the Indian Lake.

As with all Race The Bronx events, the Crotona 3K is about more than just running. It's about celebrating the beauty and diversity of our borough, and bringing together members of the community for a fun and challenging outdoor experience. Whether you're a seasoned runner or just looking to try something new, we hope you'll join us for this exciting race in one of the Bronx's most treasured parks.

This event is directed by an RRCA Certified Race Director.

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Crotona 3K

09 Sep, 2023 (Sat) - 10:00
3 km
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