Dead Man's Run

Washington, DC, USA
28 Oct, 2022 (Fri)


5 km

About the event

Historic Congressional Cemetery was founded in 1807. It is located at 1801 E Street SE in Washington, D.C. Many famous and notable U.S. residents are interred in Congressional Cemetery, including many Congressmen who died while in office; those Congressmen who passed away in office between 1833 and 1876 are represented by Benjamin Latrobe’s iconic cenotaphs. Congressional Cemetery is still an active burial ground, taking new interments. There are currently over 65,000 burials on 35 acres. The cemetery is also a dog-walking park, with K-9 Corps membership fees helping to sustain the Cemetery. All proceeds from Congressional Cemetery events help support our 501(c)(3) organization and fund the preservation of this National Historic Landmark.

Races offered by this event

Dead Man's Run

28 Oct, 2022 (Fri) - 18:00
5 km
On site

Virtual Dead Man's Run

Virtual race
28 Oct - 04 Nov, 2022 (Fri - Fri) - 18:00
5 km


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