Dirty Kitten Gralley Cat

Rapidan, VA, USA
21 Apr, 2024 (Sun)

Gravel biking

20 mi, 40 mi

Trail running

20 mi

About the event

Dirty Kitten Gralley Cat MMXXIV

"Where Gravel Meets Adventure"

April 21, 2024 @ Locust Hill Farm & Preserve - Rapidan, VA

Presented by Dirty Kitten Productions


So...What’s a “Gralley Cat”? 

Gravel Grinder + Alleycat-Style Event

An “alleycat” is an unsanctioned, informal, underground bike race that traditionally takes place in cities and urban areas where participants race from one checkpoint to the next in an effort to complete all challenges and/or hit as many locations as possible. 

The Dirty Kitten Gralley Cat (DKGC) is a “choose-your-own-adventure” gravel event on the grounds of Locust Hill Farm & Preserve (LHFP) in Rapidan, VA. Instead of following a set course from start to finish, riders will be able to select their own route as they make their way around the property, visiting multiple checkpoints along the way. Both competitive and recreational riders are welcome. 

Participants will have the choice of riding either the “short course” (~20 miles) or “long course" (~40 miles) individually, in pairs, or as small teams. All participants will be given a map of the course prior to their designated start time on which the checkpoints, course boundaries, and key navigational points will be clearly marked. After visiting all checkpoints, riders will return to the start area where their scorecards will be verified and finish times recorded.  

Why Gralley Cat?

We think it’s cool, unique, and sounds fun!

It’s a good way to have a competitive event without a traditional mass start

This format gives us a chance to showcase different areas of the farm.

There are roads on LHFP that don’t really work in a traditional race format: Nobody wants to be chugging along in a group only to slam on their brakes and pull a 180 for an out-and-back during a race. 

It can be as competitive or non-competitive as you make it. Want to plot the most efficient route and ride your heart out to get the fastest time? That’s cool. Want to tour the property and just have fun? That’s awesome, too! 

Categories: Solo, Duo, Team, Juniors 

Solo - 1 participant (all levels)

Duo - 2 participants (all levels)

Team - 3, 4, or 5 participants (all levels)

Junior - participants under the age of 18

*NEW* This year we are adding a run option. Run participants "choose their own adventure" and can cover anywhere up to 20 miles if they wish. The run course will be an abbreviated version of the ride course with specific checkpoints.

Registration: Duo & Team participants must enter additional member names at registration

Short Purrito (~20 miles): starting at $40 per rider

Long Purrito (~40 miles): starting at $50 per rider

*Juniors $5-10 OFF registration

Prices will increase on March 1 and April 1, 2024

Awards & Prizes: TBA - Provided by our amazing event partners and sponsors

There will be no awards ceremony or podiums. Scores & rankings will be posted during the week following the event and prizes will be mailed to participants a few weeks later.

Refunds & Transfers: There are NO refunds. Transfers are available upon request (once the event is sold out). If the event must be canceled due to health, safety, or severe weather conditions, participants will receive a BikeReg credit equal to the FULL amount of their registration fee (discluding any service fees) along with additional charges for merchandise, food, etc to be used toward another Dirty Kitten Productions event.

Event: The DKGC is co-hosted by Dirty Kitten Productions and local equestrian group, Bull Run Hunt. Participants can choose to compete for points and time or simply enjoy riding the private, farm roads of Locust Hill Farm & Preserve. 

Property: Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Locust Hill Farm & Preserve (LHFP) encompasses over 5,000 continuous acres of privately owned land. 

This event will explore LHFP on private, gravel, farm roads that run along the Robinson River, pass serene creeks and ponds, weave through open fields, and cross wooded forest trails. The area is truly an adventure cyclist’s dream as well as a beautiful wildlife haven.

What makes this event unique is that it is 100% unpaved on private property. However, LHFP is a working farm that we have so graciously received permission to use from the landowners for our events. Riding ANY private sections of the course before race day will be considered trespassing and could seriously jeopardize the event, as well as our ability to host anything at this venue in the future (and will result in immediate disqualification). This is why we are careful when publicly posting any of our course routes, maps, GPS files, and Strava links. 

NOTE: We know that Dirty Kitten GPS tracks and Strava segments have been made public, but please remember that this is private property and LHFP roads may not be accessed any time outside of an official event. We ask that participants respect our landowner’s requests and know that the Dirty Kitten Crew does everything possible to ensure rider safety and provide accurate, up-to-date information before each event. 

Course: DKGC is a “choose-your-own-adventure” gravel event spanning approximately 20-40 miles (and 1,000-2,000+ ft of elevation gain) throughout the area. The course is 100% unpaved and the majority of the terrain is private, gravel, farm roads with some dirt and grass double-track sections. The gravel varies from smooth, groomed roads to rough, choppy sections with the possibility of mud if there is rain. 

Participants will choose their own route according to a course map provided at the start of the event. The majority of the course is on private, gravel, farm roads with a few sections running along a quiet, local gravel road (Robinson River Road/Rt.721). Riders are expected to stay right of center at all times and obey regular traffic laws when riding the public road sections (there will be obvious signs and markings). 

Keep in mind that this is a working farm. Although we are in constant contact with the landowners and farmers to ensure everyone’s safety, there is always a possibility that you will encounter farm vehicles, livestock, and wildlife during the event. Eyes up and ears open at all times!!

*Gravel, cyclocross, and mountain bikes are recommended (anything with 32mm tires and up). Road bikes are not suggested. Pedal-assist e-bikes are welcome (but NO throttle-powered bikes).

Navigation: You won’t need GPS to navigate. The course map will be simple and the boundaries will be very clearly marked. The checkpoints will not be hidden, and signs on the course will point you in their direction. We will give names to the roads on the farm and intersections will be clearly marked so you always know where you are. We’ll also have markings on course that you can follow to get back to the start at any time. Participants are expected to download the course map (and GPS file if possible) before arrival and pay close attention to signage on course. 

Elevation Profile & Maps: We will email and post elevation profiles along with course maps on our website & social media pages closer to the event date. Participants are not permitted on site before event day (see “ Property” section). 

Check-In: Participants are asked to arrive prior to their designated start time (TBA), check-in with a staff member at the registration area, prepare and warm-up near their car or in a designated area, maintain appropriate social distancing, be prepared when called to the “staging area” at the start/finish, and sign-out when finished.

Start/Finish: We will have staggered start times (10-15 minutes) running between 9:00am-1:00pm. Long Purrito participants will start first (beginning at 9am) and Short Purrito participants will start later (beginning at 11am). The last start time will be at 1pm. Riders will be assigned specific time slots either individually or in small groups/teams with other riders of their choosing based on requested time frames (1-hour blocks) at registration. ALL team/group members must be present at check-in before proceeding to the start area. Participants may ride for as long as they wish but must be finished by the designated cut-off time (3pm).

Water, Aid Stations, Support: There is some access to water on-site, but it is limited so please plan on bringing your own water and supplies. Temperatures can range in the area during the spring: it may be warm or cool (50-75 degrees), depending on the time of day . We will have water and some single-serving products available at the start/finish area and “aid station” (halfway checkpoint) on course. 

Participants will be asked to carry whatever they need with them for the entire time they are on course (2-3 hours): water, nutrition, flat pack, map, cell phone, etc. There will be 5-10 checkpoints (depending on distance) equipped with water and hydration available throughout the day along with at least one fully-staffed “aid station” if participants need assistance. Staff members and volunteers will have cell phones and radios, signs will clearly direct riders “Back to Start/Finish” if needed, and licensed medical staff will be present at the start/finish area if needed.

Food & Beverages: Water and single-serving nutrition items will be available at the start/finish area, as well as at one staffed "aid station" along the course. Post-ride food (prepared box lunches) will be provided for participants at an additional charge (approx $15/each) during registration. Beverages will be provided at NO additional charge. Outside food and drinks are welcome (BYOB). Please be conscientious of your surroundings and use the trash cans that are provided or take your trash with you. We want to be invited back again next year. 

Facilities: Port-o-pots and wash stations will be available along with Emergency First-Aid if needed. 

Photography: Renowned Event Photographer, Bruce Buckley, will be on-site taking photos throughout the day that will be available on his website for purchase after the event. 

Directions: Check-in and Start/Finish @ Locust Hill Farm & Preserve - 8070 N James Madison Highway, Rapidan, VA 22733 (turn off Rt. 15/James Madison Highway and continue down the gravel road). Cell phone service is spotty and unreliable in this area so please plan ahead!

Parking: Grass/field parking. When you enter the farm, continue on the gravel road until you see volunteers and parking signs. The landowners have asked that we park in specific areas so as not to damage crops or interfere with livestock so please be patient and respect our signs/volunteers when you arrive. 

Rules: Participants are expected to follow all event rules & guidelines stated below 


Participants are asked to arrive before their designated start time, check in with a staff member at the registration area, prepare and warm up in designated areas, maintain appropriate social distancing, be prepared when called to the “staging area” at the start/finish, and sign-out at the registration area when finished.

The course will be marked at turns and intersections. Some sections of the property will be off-limits (and marked “Do Not Enter”) during the event. Participants are expected to carry their course map at all times and pay close attention to signage. 

Only registered participants, volunteers, and staff are allowed on the course.

LHFP is a private, working farm. NO participants will be permitted on-site prior to the event. The property will open at 8am on Sunday, April 21st.

Accommodations: If you wish to stay the weekend, there are several nearby hotels and local AirBnB/B&B options in the area. The Baymont by Wyndham in Culpeper (formerly Best Western Culpeper Inn) has given us a group rate ($99/night) on single & double rooms for the weekend. Call and mention the event (Dirty Kitten Gravel Spring 2024) for a discount or follow the link and directions below. This rate is available through March 21, 2024. 

Go to Wyndhamhotels.com and put in the destination Culpeper along with your dates of stay then select “Special Rates” and enter group code Spring-Baymont Inn (042124DIR). If you have any questions, reach out to the Sales Manager, Rochelle Stokes (540-825-1253) [email protected]

Sponsors & Supporters: Thank you to our kind and generous event sponsors & supporters! TBA

Contacts: Alex & Chris Howell - Event Directors

Dirty Kitten Productions

[email protected]


203-615-4459 (Alex)


Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Strava, and Discord

FB: www.facebook.com/dirtykittengravel



IG: @dirtykittengravel @dirtykittenracing @dirtykittenproductions

YouTube: Dirty Kitten Productions

Strava: www.strava.com/clubs/dirtykittengravel


Races offered by this event


21 Apr, 2024 (Sun) - 09:00
Gravel biking
40 mi
On site

Run (5-20 miles)

21 Apr, 2024 (Sun) - 09:00
Trail running
20 mi
On site


21 Apr, 2024 (Sun) - 11:00
Gravel biking
20 mi
On site


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