Everyone Runs Catalina State Park 5 & 10 Mile Trail Race

Tucson, AZ, USA
06 Apr, 2025 (Sun)

Trail running

5.3 mi, 21.1 km

About the event

Southern Arizona's Favorite Trail Race! Two distances: half marathon and 5.3 miles. Your race starts & finishes at the park trail-head and travels the trails of this magnificent park, including the “92 and 48 Stair Climb." Half Marathon adds in the Bridal Trail out-and-back and then a second run of the main course to make a full 13.1 miles.  Half marathon time limit is strictly 3:15 (runners only in the half).

Overall male/female & age group medals for both events, male and female sized short sleeve tech or cotton shirts (your choice!), free Mexican breakfast, free coffee, free professional race photos, free running shoes for overall 1st place male and female, and lots of nice raffle prizes. When you enter, you'll receive $15 off your purchase of $50 or more at Fleet Feet, and a loaf of free bread from Beyond Bread with your online order.  Now, that's value for your running dollars you won't get anywhere else!

Bring your family, bring your team, bring yourself!

For event details, please visit everyoneruns.net.  Dogs are not permitted for liability reasons.  Entry fees are not refundable and bibs cannot be transfered without prior approval by Everyone Runs.  Please consider purchasing event insurance during your registration process.


Races offered by this event

You have 37 weeks to prepare

Half Marathon

06 Apr, 2025 (Sun) - 07:00
Trail running
21.1 km
On site

5.3 Mile

06 Apr, 2025 (Sun) - 07:20
Trail running
5.3 mi
On site


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