Flint Hills Ultra Tour

Emporia, KS, USA
25 May, 2024 (Sat)

Gravel biking

1050 mi

About the event

The Flint Hills Ultra Gravel Tour

The Tour is just a date for all to gather and ride the Flint Hills Ultra route at the same time.  I strongly say again it's just a common day people choose to gather and ride.  There is no official event.  Riders will ride for the fastest time.  Riders will ride to escape the day to day life.  Riders will ride for the pure enjoyment of a pedal on the backroads of the Flint Hills.  Just ride.


PSA - The FHU Gravel Tour is absolutely influenced by all the existing ultra distance gravel rides.  Locally, in Emporia Kansas, we have The Cannonball 550 ride in September hosted by Matt Slater.  A 550 mile gravel journey throughout shuffled Kansas routes showing off the backroad beauty of our state.  Much respect to all existing ultra gravel distance rides.


FHU Gravel Tour leaves from Emporia, KS annually the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend at 8am.  The Start and Finish location is in front of the Emporia Zoo entrance gate on the south side of town.  I will have registration for the FHU Gravel Tour.  There is NO entry fee.  I want to have registration so I have a better idea of how many are coming and if I need to provide safe long term parking.  I can better distribute last minute known route information and such as a friendly observer.  Registration is extremely appreciated but not required.  The ride is intended to be completely unsupported.  You show up.  You get a high five.  You pedal.  Good luck.  Trackleaders will be setup prior to the event.  You may opt to use the service and you may opt to not use the service.


Support.  No support.  Look.  I'm not going to follow you around with a drone.  Go enjoy the route.  Yes you can go off course to the McDonalds...just come back to the course where you left off.  Yes you can stay at a Holiday Inn...just come back to the course where you left off.  If you have family with an RV at some park along the way...give them a high five for me.  If you ride the entire route with no cell phone, no human contact, eat plants and the occasional handful of ants, drink your own filtered urine and prefer your bike single speed, steel and with 100 pounds of pannier bags...I'll high five you myself.  Respect other riders on the course.  Respect their individual journey.  Respect their space.  You are all awesome.


That said...immense respect for all who finish this route using only whats available along the way with zero outside support or assistance from known friends and family.  


Okay.  That's it.  Any questions, feel free to DM me.  See ya in May!


-BobbyT, owner of Discover Gravel LLC

Races offered by this event

Flint Hills Ultra Tour

25 May, 2024 (Sat) - 06:00
Gravel biking
1050 mi
On site


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