Grow & Walk -A-Thon

Philadelphia, PA, USA
30 Jun, 2024 (Sun)


2.9 mi

About the event

The 4th Annual Grow & Walk-A-Thon is back!  As the culminating event of Grow & Walk Philly - a multi-week greening and walking program designed to improve individual and community health - this community wellness event invites neighbors and area residents to have fun will being fit.

Not exactly a 5K (2.9 miles - close enough!), the Walk-A-Thon will still get your heart rate up, increase appreciation for the West Oak Lane neighborhood and its green spaces, & connect you to other green thumbs, seedfolks, and health enthusiasts.

During the walk neighborhood highlights will include green assets throughout the neighborhood including a library, school, front yard gardens, rec center and a park. 

The Grow And Walk- A-Thon begins at the West Oak Lane Library and will be a simple walk starting on one of the main thoroughfares in Northwest Philadelphia - Washintong Lane. The walk/run will end at Awbury Park where there will be a group celebration and complimentary lunch. 

This low profile walk/run is ideal for beginners, leisure walkers, and families. You won't want to miss it, there will even be a personal trainer on-site to help coach everyone through! 


Grow & Walk - A-Thon is FREE to West Oak Lane residents and sliding scale for all others participants.

We ask that people living outside of West Oak Lane pay a sliding scale of $10-$25 to participate.

Consider paying less on the scale if you are supporting children/dependents; are an unpaid community organizer; receive public assistance.Consider paying more on the scale if you own the home you live in; have investments; travel recreationally.

This program is funded by the PA Department of Health’s Preventative Health and Health Services Block Grant. 

Races offered by this event

You have 5 weeks to prepare

2.9 Mile

30 Jun, 2024 (Sun) - 09:00
2.9 mi
On site


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