The 2025 edition has been announced. The event will take place on 23 Feb, 2025 (Sun). The details about this event may change. Please check the official website for possible updates.

Hameldown Hammer

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Castle Drogo, Devon, United Kingdom
23 Feb, 2025 (Sun)
Event size: 100 - 999 participants (Max 500 participants)

Trail running

7 mi, 21.097 km

About the event

The races start and finish in the village of Widecombe-In-The-Moor, at the foot of the Hameldown ‘massif’ and surrounded by some of Dartmoor’s most iconic granite tors.

The Hameldown Hammer, like our Dartmoor Volcano race, is another tough, challenging trail race, designed to be a serious test of endurance. The Hammer has a total ascent of over 600m. It is 98% trail, over a series of well defined, grassy, rocky, sometimes muddy tracks and through forestry glades. Most significantly, there is a double ascent of the Hameldown Ridge….

The Hameldown Hammer rises high and steep. It affords spectacular views of the Moor and Tors, with some of the best trail running Dartmoor has to offer.

The new race, Hameldown 7EVEN – The ‘Long 10k’, has in excess of 300 metres of ascent and still includes a double ascent of the Hameldown ridge.

Both courses will be fully marked and marshalled.

Races offered by this event

You have 44 weeks to prepare


23 Feb, 2025 (Sun) - 09:00
Trail running
21.097 km
Race size: 250 - 499 participants
On site

7 Mile

23 Feb, 2025 (Sun) - 09:15
Trail running
7 mi
On site


1 Review
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Adam Holland
Feb 2018
21.098 km

Hameldown Hammer by PureTrail Running This event was never originally planned into my race calendar as I thought I would have to work but as luck would have it I was working in the evening, so I had time to squeeze in the half marathon in the morning. I somehow entered the wrong race (the 7 mile race which was happening at the same time) and Pure Trail were very helpful in telling me how to pay the difference to enter the half marathon. I knew before even turning up this was going to be a very tough half marathon. The weather on Dartmoor can change in a matter of moments but we were very lucky to have warm spring sunshine the whole time. The event started and finished in the beautiful village of Widecombe in the Moor. Parking was easy to find and registration was straightforward. It was amazing to see so many people waiting to get going at the start line. I recognised a lot of people. As soon as the church bells rang, everyone started. The first 2 miles were all up hill 1,740ft (Strava data) was the highest point. Most of the way up I had the lead, there was one runner in front to me for a little while (you can see him in a picture just behind me in my video). I used the downhill to my advantage and pulled away. Each time on the uphills, I could see the runners catching me but I knew that the last 2 miles was all down hill. So, as long as I was in front at that point, I would take the win. Fantastic scenery out on Dartmoor and I can’t wait for you to see the video once it’s posted on my YouTube channel. The terrain was very good under-foot, there was only one section where I had to run through water coming down a path. Just before hitting the last 2 miles, the 7 mile event joined back up with us. It was really nice to see other people out on the moors and I could cheer them on as I ran past. On the way into the finish I decided to let my hair down and sprint in for the win. It was very nice for people to take the time to talk to me after the event. Well done to everyone and of course to Pure Trail for putting on such a successful event. Strava: My website:

Being a marathon runner I selected the half marathon as I knew it would be a challenge for myself instead of the 7 miles

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