Jingle All The Way 5K & 15K - Washington

Washington, DC, USA
10 Dec, 2023 (Sun)


5 km, 15 km

About the event

This flat and fast course will take runners through the streets of downtown Washington, DC, taking in gorgeous views of famous Monuments and the Potomac River. The Start and Finish lines for both races are located on 15th Street NW, directly next to the Washington Monument- in the heart of the city!

Highlights include a jaunt onto the Rock Creek Parkway to pass the Kennedy Center and sightings of the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and Tidal Basin before hitting the home stretch.

At several points along the 15K course, runners will double back and pass other participants going the other way. That means you will have plenty of chances to see the many others who will be dressed up in fun costumes and adorned with jingle bells, which makes for an incredibly fun and festive experience.

Races offered by this event


10 Dec, 2023 (Sun) - 08:00
5 km
On site


10 Dec, 2023 (Sun) - 08:30
15 km
On site


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