Kemper’s Downhill Mile

Lynchburg, VA, USA
26 Jul, 2024 (Fri)


1 mi

About the event

What's one of the fastest ways to a 1 mile personal best?  A downhill mile of course! Join us Friday evening for Kemper’s Downhill Mile. Fun, Downhill, and FAST are words that best describe this course.  The event is the final event of the 2024 Lynchburg Road Runners Race Series.

Sometime around 1912, the same year that the Kemper Street Train Station was opened by Southern Railway, local Lynchburg residents recall witnessing a certain rabbit chasing trains as they left the station. It wasn't long before that rabbit was given the name "Kemper". Some say Kemper was able to keep up with departing trains for almost a mile!  If you are lucky to run the Kemper Street Trail extension early in the morning you might see a descendant or two of Kemper running right along side you.

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1 Mile

26 Jul, 2024 (Fri) - 18:00
1 mi
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