Living A Little Mary-er 5K Walk/Run

McCandless, PA, USA
11 Jun, 2022 (Sat)


5 km


5 km

About the event

Mary Claire was a loving and kind 10-year-old who was healthy and vibrant until her life was cut short. There are no words to describe how you feel when you lose your child. We were bolstered by the opportunity to turn our pain into help for others. Mary’s hand guides us as we work to make this world a little Mary-er.

The Mary Claire Foundation assists families who are experiencing child loss by providing community outreach and supporting initiatives that promote grief counseling, pediatric medicine, and organ donation awareness.

The Mary Claire Foundation began after Jaime Nehnevajsa's (Friedl) 10-year-old daughter, Mary Claire, passed away, in 2017, following a brief illness. Jaime realized that there were no local support centers that addressed the holistic needs of parents who’d lost a child. Today, the Foundation is working toward an ultimate goal to create a space in the Pittsburgh area where grieving parents can receive support services that address their emotional, physical, and psychological well-being.   As The Mary Claire Foundation works toward that goal, it is pleased to offer need-based scholarships for grieving parents to attend retreats that will provide assistance as they walk the path toward healing. The retreats are organized by nonprofit organizations that specialize in grief counseling. 

Our amazing board of directors, friends, family, and volunteers are committed to spreading kindness and helping the community. 

 Thank you for your support and contribution! 

Races offered by this event

5K Chip-Timed

11 Jun, 2022 (Sat) - 07:00
5 km
On site

5K Un-Timed

11 Jun, 2022 (Sat) - 07:00
5 km


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