Love ❤ 5K - NY

Mendon, NY, USA
23 Jun, 2024 (Sun)

Trail running

3.1 mi

About the event

Love to Run, run to Love! This is an event designed for  couples, a celebration of love at it's core but we will certainly allow for individuals (Singles) to join in as well..

This unique 5K will be scored by taking the average time for each couple to determine category winners. No age group categories for this event. Instead we ask you to register under Friends, Dating, Engaged, Newly Wed, 7 Year Itch (5-10 years married), 10+, 20+, 30+ and even 40+ years married. Each team participant will receive a half heart finisher medal that will connect with their running mate when you gather together for photos. We also have a category for "Singles" for those lovers of life who prefer to run alone. You'll love the swag as well as the post race fun as we celebrate the awesomeness of love and the joy it yes, chocolate will be part of the post race celebration @ Westminster Weddings & Events. The Love 5K will take place on the Lehigh Valley Trail in Mendon, NY

Expect spectacular, we honestly think you will love this event.

This event will extend a helping hand to the newly formed Dane Leclair Alpha Heart Fund

Races offered by this event

You have 4 weeks to prepare

5K Single

23 Jun, 2024 (Sun) - 09:00
Trail running
3.1 mi
On site


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