Massochistah (aka The Dirty Hurty Gurty)

Ashfield, MA, USA
27 Apr, 2024 (Sat)


15 mi, 30 mi, 50 mi, 70 mi

About the event

Location: 298 Barnes Rd Ashfield, MA 01330

Routes: TBD, so please don't download last year's, wait until we send out our update in a week. 


6:30AM Croissants and Coffee Served

8:00AM Gurty Mass Start (Registration Begins 6:30am) 

9:00AM Hurty, Dirty and Dirty Kid's Brigade Mass Start (Registration Begins 7:30am) 

10:00 Spurty and Spurty Kids Brigade Mass Start Start (Registration Begins at 8:30am)

12:00pm Lunch Begins

1:00pm - 3:00pm Band Begins

4:00pmish Hopefully All Riders Are Back

6:00pm We Should Probably All Go Home 

10:00pm You Are Drifting Off To A Long and Rejuvenating Slumber 

Check-In and Sign-Back-In:

We ask that all riders check in before they begin and please check back in when you are done riding to allow us to get a tally of who is still out on the course and get you your t-shirt. 

Food and Water:

We take care of it from front to back so need to bring anything but your bottles. There will be food-stocked aid stations every 20 or so miles, as well as one or two additional water stops depending on the route. See final routes on Thursday for full details. 


Please remember that the Massochistah is not a race.  It is a fun ride to raise money for youth and adaptive cycling.  As you traverse our community, please remember that your behavior has a positive and negative effect on us all. To that end… 


Say hello/wave to everyoneStop to offer others assistanceCome prepared (well tuned bike, spare tubes, tool, spare cleat… etc.. depending on course)Ride with a buddy/make new buddies to ride withPick up other people’s litterEat all the food, have all the fun, do some dancing.

Please don’t:

Yell at anyone, or be mean or rudeRide on the wrong side of the roadRide dangerously, including riding too fast -- especially when passingExpect other riders to solve for your lack of preparationExpect cell phone serviceLitter


If you have an emergency, call 911 and then Jonathan Brody, event co-director, at 413-320-9259.  If possible, relay what happened and what is needed (or have someone else relay it) to the people stationed at the nearest aid station. 

While we have a sweep vehicle, it is important to note that this ride doesn't offer any type of traditional SAG support. In fact, the sweep vehicle may not be able to reach all parts of the course. In these instances, if you need support, proceed to the nearest major thoroughfare on the route (which is either in front or behind you) and use every resource at your disposal, including calling Jonathan Brody, event co-director, at 413-320-9259. 

COVID-19 and/or Other Sickness:

If you are testing positive for COVID, are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, or that of any other major illness, we request that you not attend or ride.  Please get your rest and ride the route another time. Just holler and we will work out a coupon for next year. Reminder, this is a mask and vaccine optional event. Please respect the related choices of all participants.  

Races offered by this event

70 Miles

27 Apr, 2024 (Sat) - 08:00
70 mi
On site

50 Miles

27 Apr, 2024 (Sat) - 09:00
50 mi
On site

30 Miles

27 Apr, 2024 (Sat) - 09:00
30 mi
On site

15 Miles

27 Apr, 2024 (Sat) - 10:00
15 mi
On site


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