Montagu Gravel & Grit Festival

Montagu, South Africa
17 Nov, 2023 (Fri)

Gravel biking

100 mi

About the event

Makadas Adventures in cooperation with MATA (Montagu Ashton Tourism), Flying Feet, Montagu Trails & Glen Eden Guest Farm is bringing you a fun filled weekend in the great outdoors. The aim is to get the whole family out here in Montagu to enjoy the great outdoors with cycling and trail running. We have pulled together a group of skilled riders and trail runners to make this something truly special, it will be one for the books.

The 2nd and last gravel race for the Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Series, is starting and finishing in the picturesque town of Montagu. Two distances to choose from, either a round 100 miler or a round 100 kilometers.

Putting this route together has had many challenges and I thought my idea was going to hard to pull off BUT I received such favor from landowners. Makadas Adventures, MATA & Africa Game Lodge presents a route….. that is truly out of Africa. Magical, special, unique and diverse is words that comes to mind. This will be the first time that sections of private land will be opened to cyclists and only as a once off for this event. Africa Game Lodge truly captures a bit of the essence of Africa.

There is enough time..train for this one as you do not want to be the one that misses out on this very special opportunity. On both these routes game such as: Giraffe, Gemsbuck, Eand, Kudu, Zebra, Springbuck might be seen.

Terrain: Choose your weapon wisely….

Tar: 10km

District road Gravel: 60km/120km

Private land hard-pack gravel: 10km (excellent condition)

Jeep track: 3km (easy, flat non technical)

Various: 17km (nothing technical but not smooth terrain) more suitable for mountain bike

Distances: 100km or 100 miles

Start times: 6am

Cost: R650 and R550

More information:

Races offered by this event

Montagu 100 Miler

17 Nov, 2023 (Fri)
Gravel biking
100 mi
On site


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