Owl Creek Chase

Aspen, CO, USA
21 Jan, 2024 (Sun)

Cross-country skiing

21.1 km

About the event

Mother Nature has thrown us a curveball in moose form this year!  After discussions with stakeholders, we have decided that instead of having the race potentially cancelled due to moose activity on the morning of, we would plan ahead and reroute the course in advance.  There is not a route from Snowmass to Aspen that doesn’t cross Buttermilk, where the moose are residing, therefore we are moving the race completely to the Aspen side. 

The race is NO LONGER IN SNOWMASS and is COMPLETELY IN ASPEN.  Please make yourself aware of the changes below.

We will begin with a mass start at 9:00am from the Lower Moore ballfield at the Aspen Middle School in Aspen.  Parking is at the Aspen Nordic Center.  You will pick up your bib/chip from the packet pick up located at the Aspen Nordic Center on the morning of the race then catch the CTS shuttle to the start at the Lower Moore ballfield at the Aspen Middle school.  Classic or skate skiing is available.  The course is groomed for both. 

The Owl Creek Chase will be scored in an "Enduro" format with three timed sections defined in the 13km course.  You will be timed and ranked in each of these sections consisting of 2 timed sprints and a 1.6km finish sprint.  There will not be any aid stations for this race.  The Aspen Nordic Center offers a water filling station and bathrooms.  Awards will be given for the best combined time of the three segments with special prizes for individual segment winners. Tactics and endurance will all be challenged in this exciting new format!

Registration is $30 for all participants and includes bib, chip, t-shirt and soup & sandwich lunch at Red Mountain Grill.  We recommend leaving any backpacks or gear at the Aspen Nordic Center however there will be a gear transfer from the start at the Aspen Middle School in Aspen to the finish at the Aspen Nordic Center.  Turn in your bib/chip for a free lunch served from 10:30am-12:30pm at Red Mountain Grill.  The Owl Creek Chase event will conclude at 12:30pm.  You are not required to race the timed segments and touring is allowed however you didn't get all dressed up for nothing!

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Half Marathon

21 Jan, 2024 (Sun) - 09:00
Cross-country skiing
21.1 km
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