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Poland Duathlon Open

Cary, NC, USA
01 Apr, 2023 (Sat)


4.3 km, 10 km, 40 km

About the event

Poland Duathlon Open is a free Practice Race / Training Event organized by Poland Multisports. PDO is a 4.3km Run/40km Bike/10km Run. Athletes can modify or shorten the course to fit their training needs.  Transition opens at 8AM, event begins at 9AM.

Run 1:

Lollipop course around Amberly Lake.


Caution is advised at mile 7.0 when you turn left off Luther onto 751, plan to unclip there so you can look both ways before entering the intersection safely. The 2.8 mile section on hwy 64 has a big shoulder and is a good stretch of pavement, keep an eye out for stones.  Please upload course on your bike computer.

Run 2:

Turn around is at the White Oak ATT Parking area, and will be marked with a cone.  Turn around sooner if you want to run less.

After Party: Feel free to relax in transition, or on the back porch, and enjoy snacks/beverages that will be provided by fellow participants.

Disclaimer: This is a free training event amongst friends for fun. This event does not have insurance or medical staff on-hand.  Please read through waiver before registering.

Refunds/Deferrals: 100% Refunds are available until the start of the event. Deferrals will be accepted up to 1 hour before the start of the event.  No questions asked!

Run some. Bike some. Run more. Get kudos for the rest of your day.

Races offered by this event

Poland Duathlon Open

01 Apr, 2023 (Sat) - 09:00
On site
  • Running
    4.3 km
  • Cycling
    40 km
  • Running
    10 km


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