Prospect Park Fall Duathlon

Brooklyn, NY, USA
03 Nov, 2024 (Sun)


2.1 mi

10 mi

3.3 mi


About the event

Race Start Time and Location:

On 11/3/24, we are back in Brooklyn one last time for our Prospect Park Fall Duathlon! This is the perfect way to end our 2024 season with with beautiful Fall weather and foliage throughout the park. As is tradition, we will have our post race BBQ as well, so bring your appetite. This year we’re planning on doing something a bit more challenging to make it more exciting and memorable: This year, your final lap of the run will be around the big loop completing all 3.3 miles, with a total of 140ft elevation gain. Get ready, because the hill to the Grand Army Plaza is no joke!

Here is what you can expect on race day. At 7:30 am the race will start in Lincoln Field by the triangle grass area by the Well House Dr (E Lake Dr and Lincoln Rd entrance).

Run #1 beginning at 7:30am is a fast loop around the park’s inner circle. Athletes will set out along East Dr and make a left through Center Dr, where you will cut across the park, exiting west side. With little gain in elevation you’ll head around Prospect Park Lake where you will pick up speed as you head in for the bike.

The bike route consists of 3 loops totaling 10 miles around Prospect Park Drive. As athletes make their way up to the Grand Army Plaza you will encounter the full PP hill on the front end and a HUGE downhill on the back of each loop. After 3 of these loops make sure you save energy to take on the same course for the run!

Run #2: The final leg of this course! As promised athletes will now run the entire 3.3 mile PP loop. Finishing the run course with a 140ft+ elevation gain. Athletes will cross the finish line at the same place we started, in Lincoln Field.

Prospect Park Fall Duathlon distance:

Run distance is 2.1 miles (small loop).
Bike distance is 10 miles (3 laps).
Run distance is 3.3 miles (full loop).


You are needed from 5:00 am to 11 am. Our races start at 7:30am unless stated the otherwise. Once you arrived, report to our Race Directors (George or Hunter). They will go over your race duty as well as where you need to be. Don’t leave until the race is finished. You have to sign out to earn your race credit for your next race. Free race credit can be transferred to your friend.

The Prospect Park Fall Duathlon is not USAT certified or sanctioned. USAT racing license isn’t required to compete in our race.

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You have 35 weeks to prepare


03 Nov, 2024 (Sun) - 07:30
On site
  • Running
    2.1 mi
  • Cycling
    10 mi
    Multiple loops
  • Running
    3.3 mi


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