Queeny Backyard Ultra

St. Louis, MO, USA
03 Mar, 2023 (Fri)


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Queeny Backyard Ultra is affiliated with Backyard Ultra Series!

There are currently 142 affiliated Backyard Ultras in 43 countries and the number keeps growing!!!



QUEENY BACKYARD ULTRA will be hosted in Queeny Park on Friday, March 5, 2021 @ 12PM.

This race is presented by Terrain Trail Runners - STL

*At this time we are capping the race to 50 Runners Only. More spots will be made available early February, 2021 under St. Louis County Parks Dept. guidance for Covid-19 adult outdoor sports*


Queeny Park - 1675 South Mason Road, Saint Louis, MO 63131

Mason Rd - Queeny Park entrance is on the left - Parking lot is on the left upon entering the park - Park your car then walk up the paved trail make a right onto Hawk Ridge Trail - Race HQ/setup will be by the restrooms and runners can setup their canopies/tents across from the restroom past the white fence.


QUEENY BACKYARD ULTRA is a "Last Person Standing" concept.

The course is a single loop 4.17-ish Miles - Elevation Gain Per Loop is approx. 415 feet and Elevation Loss Per Loop is approx. 415 feet. 2021 the loop will be run Clockwise!

The course will utilize the Hawk Ridge Trail Loop run clockwise connecting the loop via short sections of Fox Run and Owl Creek Trails approx. 4.20 Miles. The course/trail is a combination of wide paved and hardpacked stone/gravel trails with rolling hills that traverse through some scenic sections and a couple of road crossings. The course/trail is a combination of wide paved and hardpacked stone/gravel trails with rolling hills that traverse through some scenic sections and a couple of road crossings.



The premise is quite simple. Can you run 4.17-ish miles in ONE hour? And do it again and again and again....until you are the LAST RUNNER STANDING!

QUEENY BACKYARD ULTRA will start at 12 p.m. SHARP on Friday, March 5, 2021!
Before the start of each loop, the race director will go through the following protocol as such indicating time until the start.
--3 minutes before the start (whistle will be blown 3 times)
--2 minutes before the start (whistle will be blown 2 times)
--1 minute before the start (whistle will be blown 1 time)
--30 seconds will be announced before start
--10 seconds will be counted down before the start
--START (Cowbell will be rung)
You have ONE HOUR to finish the loop once it has started. If you finish a loop within the hour, you have the opportunity to START the NEXT hour provided you are IN the start corral when the next hour starts. If you do not finish within the hour, you are OUT of the race and considered a DNF.
1) Once you are on the course, you are not allowed any aid from your crew, pacers or otherwise.
2) You are not allowed to return to the race HQ once the loop has started.
3) You must be ON and STAY on the course, unless you need to use the bathroom (please do so off the trail or road discreetly). There may or may not be a port-a-potty on the course.
4) No artificial aids (including trekking poles) are allowed
5) Once you are back to the start and assuming you've finished within the hour, you may use the bathroom, eat, drink, sleep, ponder the next loop, etc., but you MUST be back in the start corral or you will be considered a DNF (NO EXCEPTIONS). This means you MAY NOT start late (even if you are in bathroom).
6) You may also choose not to continue though you will be considered a DNF. Make sure you inform the race crew your intention to drop!
7) If you are one that needs more time in between loops, then run faster so you have more time, but you might burn more energy. You may also choose to run slower which will give you less time back at the start/finish area, but you will burn less energy. You have to choose which strategy works best for YOU.
8) Runners are responsible for their own aid, but we will have water and coffee for RUNNERS ONLY!
9) Runners will be able to set up a SMALL tent if they so choose nearby.
Near the start/finish line, runners will have a small area where they may set up a chair for quick access between loops.
10) Runners are allowed ONLY ONE CREW if they like.
11) Restrooms are available near the start/finish area.
12) Runners will continue until ONE runner completes a FINAL lap. (i.e. If there are two runners left and one does not complete the loop, then the one that completed the loop will be declared the winner). That runner will be considered the winner of the Queeny Backyard Ultra!


There can only be ONE winner (assuming they finish their last lap)!

QUEENY BACKYARD ULTRA will award the Last Woman Standing and The Last Man Standing with $150 each!

All other runners are considered a "Did Not Finish" (DNF) and will not receive an award.

Each runner that registers will receive a t-shirt if you signup for the race before January 17, 2021 and FREE photo downloads courtesy Marcus Janzow at Janzow Photography


You’ve just DNF'd this epic race (unless you are the winner of course). Enjoy the amount of miles you just ran, sit back, relax, have a beer on us and don’t forget to hang out/cheer on all the remaining runners.


If you cancel your registration before January, 17, 2021 or more days before the event date you will receive a 50% refund. If you withdraw anytime on or after January 17, 2021 refunds will not be issued.

Shoot us a message to withdraw and receive a refund at [email protected]

Bib Transfer Deadline is February, 26, 2021 - Find yourself a replacement - Log on to your UltraSignup Account - Registration History - Edit
No need to contact us!

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Last Person Standing

03 Mar, 2023 (Fri)
Running - Last man standing
415 m Elevation gain415 m Elevation drop
On site
Single loop

Queeny Backyard Ultra


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