Race for DFL

Winchendon, MA, USA
09 Nov, 2024 (Sat)

Trail running

4.16666 mi, 12 hrs

About the event

This is a "last runner standing"-style race.  Where last is first, and first is last!  This is a BRONZE Ticket Backyard Ultra - which is the first step towards qualifying for the Big's Backyard Ultra World Championship.

*Pompom hats to first 100 that sign up...so be sure to join us!!!

Event site is at 554 Joslin Road, Winchendon.  Joslin Road is a dirt road with an impassible section in the middle - so be sure to enter Joslin Road off the Mill Glen Road side.

How the ultra works: 

- the course is 4.1666 miles long.  

- every hour (on the hour), competitors line up to start a lap.  First lap starts at 8am.

- in order to continue in the race, you must complete the lap each hour and line up to start the next hour's lap

- this race will continue until there is only one runner left...who is the DFL runner!

- in order to be the winner (per Backyard Ultra official rules), the last runner MUST complete one lap more than any other runner (and must complete in under an hour).

Sound easy?  Give it a go for a few hours...and let us know!

**For folks going for 50 miles or less only...anyone who is simply wishing to get in up to 12 laps (50 miles) but is NOT trying for the victory, may start at any time between 8am and noon.  Runners who don't start at 8am won't be eligible for the overall win!  

How the 4.16666 mile race works:

- folks are welcome to join in for any lap of the day on Saturday (i.e. YOU chose your starting time, any hour on the hour, between 8am and 11pm)

- we will time you for any lap, and compile the results based on everyone's best lap time throughout the day from the 1-lap race.

- run a lap and think you can go faster?  That's great - give it another go at any hour!  You've got until midnight and can give it as many tries as you want.

The 50 Mile/12 Hour option:

We know that some folks aren't as interested in the Backyard Ultra-style and/or are trying to get their VT100 qualifier (50 miles in under 12 hours).  Therefore, we're giving you the option to run 50 miles and/or 12 Hours continuous (without needing to start at the top of every hour for your next lap).  You do the miles, we'll track the # of laps.

**Note that completing 12 hours of the Backyard Ultra race WILL qualify you for the VT100…but this option allows you to not stop every hour to line up with folks again.

More random details:

- in true backyard ultra tradition, this race will be held in someone's backyard.  Camping out the night before, and throughout the event, is encouraged!

- aid station supplies will be a combination of ultra food, plus we'll be ordering some pizza at random intervals during the day.

- there's a bonfire going in the afternoon/evening - bring a camp chair, plan to stick around after you finish and heckle (I mean support) those still running.

- we encourage the community feel of folks bringing something to share for the aid station table.  So, please consider bringing your favorite ultra food, post-run food, or beer to share with the group.

- this is a completely laid back, fun event.  Don't take it too seriously, but come enjoy some miles and some fun!

- every lap starts with the cracking of a beer - so bring a beer to crack to start the loop after you bow out to keep this tradition alive!

- come for one lap, come for 12 laps (to get a VT100 qualifier), or see if you can outlast the rest.  Whatever you do - enjoy a weekend of running in western MA!

- got questions on the specifics?  Let us know!

Races offered by this event

You have 29 weeks to prepare


09 Nov, 2024 (Sat) - 08:00
Trail running
4.1666 mi per loop
On site
Multiple loops

50 Mile/12 Hour Run

09 Nov, 2024 (Sat)
Trail running
12 hrs
On site

4.16666 mile race

09 Nov, 2024 (Sat)
Trail running
4.16666 mi
On site


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