Roaring Brook Lake 5k Run/Walk

Putnam Valley, NY, USA
03 Sep, 2023 (Sun)


3.1 mi

About the event

Take a jaunt around the hilly, challenging roads of Roaring Brook Lake in Putnam Valley.  A loop course, so whatever you go up, you have to come down also. 

All net proceeds and donations will go to Second Chance Foods,  a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing unsold, un-served, and aesthetically imperfect food and distributing it in an effort to reduce food waste and food insecurity. They collect food from farms, grocery stores, restaurants and other purveyors in the Hudson Valley Region and distribute it directly to community outreach organizations that provide meals to people who need food the most. They also provide programs to raise awareness about food waste, nutrition, and sustainability on a local and global level.

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03 Sep, 2023 (Sun) - 09:00
3.1 mi
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