Rodeo Beach Trail Run

Sausalito, CA, USA
10 Aug, 2024 (Sat)

Trail running

30 km, 50 km

About the event

October 27th, 2023 Update: We are adding the 8K race back to the Rodeo Beach Event.

2023 Detailed Results also available here:

2023Link to Race Photos:

2023 Guide to be Updated: Please Click Here for the Rodeo Beach Trail Run 50K & 30K "Event Participant Guide".
Also, please note that this is a “LIVE” document. There will also be several emails to get you dialed in for your event. Start planning your trip now.

Welcome to the 24th Annual Rodeo Beach Trail Run. Enjoy vistas of the Pacific Coast as you take a scenic tour of the spectacular Marin Headlands with views of San Francisco, Tiburon, the Golden Gate Bridge and California coastline. This PCTR classic features two distances - 50K, 30K, & 8K. They start and finish at Rodeo Beach. You’ll have a chance to see coyotes, deer, hawks, rabbits, bob cats, the Golden Gate Bridge as well as historic abandoned military batteries reclaimed by nature. We have decided to produce this event in August with Headlands 100K rather than by itself in December as we have done in previous years. Summer in the Headlands is awesome: sun shining brightly with cool ocean breezes to make it a perfect day. Every once in a while, fog and strong winds may show up for a bit on the ridges.

Also on Saturday August 10th, 2024, Pacific Coast Trail Runs will be producing this event alongside our Headlands 50 Mile Endurance Run. If you want to register for the Headlands 50M Endurance Run, then please do so here:

All entrants to receive: Rodeo Beach Trail Run - Technical Shirt by Green LayerPacific Coast Trail Runs - "Go run a trail." Foam Trucker HatAll finishers receive a unique wooden finisher medal by Trailblazer Awards (Made in the USA)All finishers may receive an "Age Group Announcement and Award" if qualified.Podium Award (Top Three Males & Top Three Females) if qualified.Chef Yaku Post Race Meal and Beverages.Free downloadable on-course professional photos of your Race.Free ParkingFrom time to time, we get some other free items from sponsors or partners.Epic beachside start/finish line area at Rodeo Beach to relax after your run and hang your trail running buddies.

Start / Finish Location & Address is the same for all events on 8/10/24:
Rodeo Beach - Fort Cronkhite
1049 Mitchell Rd
Sausalito, CA 94965
Keys names to input into your map app: Rodeo Beach /Fort Cronkhite / Rodeo Beach Picnic Area / Coastal Trailhead / Marine Mammal Center

It's important to know that entrants are not allowed to park in two main areas near the start/finish area. New, as part of National Park Service monitoring of events in 2023 and beyond, they will be watchful and ticket as needed. Please refer to this map for areas to park. The closest spot is at the lagoon bridge. See the most western part of the green rectangle. Please park adjacent and nice'n'tight. There will be a parking monitor out there to assure you are parking correctly.    50K RACE INFORMATION: Start Time: 8:57am End Time: 7:57pm Sunset Distance:  31.1 miles Elevation Gain: 6,308 feet of elevation gain Time Limit 11 Hours Cut-off #1 Tennessee Valley A/S- 12:57pm (4 hours to do 12.8 Miles in 18:45 min/mile pace) If you do not get there in time, we will send you to the finish line to complete the 30K. Cut-off #2 Start/Finish Line A/S- 4:13pm (8hrs 15 minutes to do 26.2 miles about 18:50 min/mile pace) i   Brief Description: Entrants will begin with a huge 26 mile loop around the Marin Headlands. The Second Loop is small, very challenging and only 4.7 miles. Enjoy the downhill finish. Loop #1: 26.2 miles5, 263 feet of elevation gain Loop #2: 4.9 miles1,055 feet of elevation gain   Aid Stations (A/S): 8.3m - Gerbode Valley A/S
12.8m -  Tennessee Valley A/S (TV #1)
17.9m - Muir Beach A/S 22.0m - TV #2
26.2m - Rodeo Beach A/S / Start-Finish Loop
31.1 - Finish   PACERS (Safety Runners for 50K Only): Pacers are allowed on course to start the second loop (4.9 Miles)Entrants can pay for the Pacer Now (Preferably).Each Pacer will cost $30. v e n m o --> grego r y - l an ct o tPacer will receive a "Pacer" Bib. (Must wear on front of person)Pacer will receive a wristband to enjoy a post race meal and food and beverage along the course.Pacer cannot run in front of Entrant. The reason is for safety. We are the firm believer that if you are in front of your runner, and they have an issue (fall, vision, or cardiac arrest), then being in back is better than front.Pacers cannot "mule" - carry personal belongings or food of entrant.Pacer is required to sign waiver at start/finish line.Regardless of when the Pacer fee is paid, they must sign a waiver.If you have two pacers, then that is $60. 30K RACE INFORMATION: Start Time: 9:57am End Time: 7:57pm Sunset Distance:  18.6 miles
Elevation Gain: 3,689 feet of elevation gain Time Limit 10 Hours
Cut-off: We are not assigning a cut-off to this event. (You must me able to do 18.78 miles in 10 hours or a 32 min/mile pace)   Brief Description: Entrants will begin with a small two-mile loop touring the Fort Cronkhite barracks and running past the Marine Mammal Center. You will need to cross the timing mat and then begin your larger loop.   Loop #1: 2.04 Miles315 feet of Elevation Gain Loop #2: 16.64 Miles3,374 feet of Elevation Gain While the STRAVA LINKS above provides turns prompts, elevation charts, and direction, it does not have the aid stations on it. Stay tuned for our all encompassing colorful map with turn sheet, aid stations, drop bags, crew access, restrooms, and more. AID STATIONS (A/S):  2.04m - Rodeo Beach A/S9.9m - Gerbode Valley A/S14.5m - Tennessee Valley A/S (TV #1)18.7- Finish

Rodeo Beach A/S - Start/Finish Area Drop bags can be placed on the blue tarp next to the aid station. Some runners use their car.
Tennessee Valley A/S - All drop bags can be dropped off at the start/finish race morning. All drop bags will be placed on a blue tarp hanging out the back of the black truck. Drop bags will be delivered before first runner arrives at Tennessee Valley Aid Station.

PACERS (Safety Runners): No Pacers Allowed

Shall you need one for medical or safety reasons beyond our common racer, please let us know.



Race Day Info Link:

Race & Trail Etiquette:

Volunteers Always Needed:

Run For Lucas:

Rhodes Photo Scholar:

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10 Aug, 2024 (Sat) - 08:57
Trail running
50 km
On site


10 Aug, 2024 (Sat) - 09:57
Trail running
30 km
On site


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