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Run For Shoes Ultra Races

01 May 2023 - 13 Jun 2021, (Mon - Sun)


50 km, 100 km

About the event


Run For Shoes Ultra Races include the 50k / 100k Virtual Time Trial or the 50k Virtual Fast Time / Vertical Gain events, May 29 - June 13, 2021. You can choose to run on an official time trial race course or run your own virtual run any where in the World.

The official time trial 50k race is run on the Issaquah Alps near Issaquah Washington and the route starts at Coal Creek Trail in Factoria and runs to Highway 18. The time trial 100k race starts at the finish line of the 50k (Hwy 18) and runs out and back. Choose your day starting May 29, 2021 at 12:00 am through June 13, 2021, 11:59 pm to run the time trial course. The course encompasses the Issy Alps including Cougar, Squak and Tiger Mountain high points. You'll run over 8400 vertical feet (50K) or 15,900 feet (100k) of the most spectacular mountains that are just a few minutes away from the hustle of Seattle and shimmering beauty of Bellevue..

Virtual 50k

Map out your own 50k course (sorry no treadmills), day and time, May 29 - June 13, 2021, to run your 50k in your area, anywhere in the world. There are two award classes, fastest time and most vertical gain so you’ll want to plan your route according to the type of award

Which ever event you choose know that you’re supporting Run For Shoes mission to eliminate barriers for underserved youth to develop a healthy lifestyle.


Run For Shoes is a startup nonprofit designed to eliminate the barriers for underserved youth to develop a healthy lifestyle, through the gift of running program, coaching, life skills and a pair of shoes. We are currently in the process of developing the 2021 youth program and you can find more info or stay updated on this progress at our website, or Facebook

$25 from each entry will go directly to the Run For Shoes program. Once we receive our 501c3, each participant will receive a donation receipt.

Awards and more

50k Virtual Time Trial Awards– Top 3 overall female and male awards and overall age group (increments of 10) female and male awards. All custom wood awards.

100k Virtual Time Trial Awards – Top 3 overall female and male awards

Issaquah Alps Traverse FKT Award – If a male or female sets a new FKT during the Run For Shoes 50k / 100k event, they’ll receive the Issaquah Alps Traverse FKT award.

Virtual 50k

Virtual 50k Awards – Top 3 female and male fastest times, top 3 female and male most vertical gain.

All participants will receive a custom coaster and Run For Shoes buff and of course the greatest reward of all is supporting Run For Shoes mission to eliminate barriers for underserved youth to develop a healthy lifestyle.


You can choose to run your own course any where in the World or run the official time trial race course and compete for some great awards.

The official time trail course

The 50k is a point to point course and is a real challenging course. It is a bit over 50k, 31.8, and encompasses the Issaquah Alps Cougar Mountain, Squak Mountain and Tiger Mountains.

You'll start at Upper Coal Creek Trail West Trailhead, altitude 185 feet, run to Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park at Redtown Trailhead. Here you'll shoot up and then down into Coal Creek Falls and then back up to your highpoint for Cougar Mountain area, Wilderness Peak at 1598 feet. Leaving this peak wind yourself down to the next Issy Alps area Squak Mountain and the famed Maragret's Way trail. Squak Mountain area will give you some good challenging up and down, just when you think you're at the top, you'll drop back down and back up to another false summit. The actual highpoint on Squak is at 2028 feet. You'll exit the Squak Mountain area into Issaquah and through the streets by the Issaquah High School where you're on the final push onto the Tiger Mountain area. You're nearly halfway and about to take on the toughest part of the course. After a run up High School Trail you'll hit Section Line Trail. This trail will leaving you wondering if it will ever let up. The next 1.8 miles you'll climb over 2000 feet leaving you at West Tiger Three. From here you'll skip over to West Tiger Two and then up to West Tiger One at 2948 feet and most likely a great view of Mount Rainier. You now have just one more peak to hit. You'll leave West Tiger One and back down to ease on to one of Tiger Mountains logging roads and head towards East Tiger at 2940 feet. Once you hit this highpoint you're on the way back down to the Highway 18 parking area and your finish. You'll have over 8400 feet of elevation gain during this beautiful yet very challenging course.

The 100k course starts at the finish line of the 50k course on Highway 18 and will be a full loop of the 50k course. It has over 15,400' of vertical gain and the steep ascent of Section Line is thrown at you during mile 48ish.

There are no aid stations, hence Virtual, and you'll need to provide your own transportation. The Squak Mountain trailhead area and Issaquah High School area make for great spots to meet a support team if needed. Otherwise we suggest self support with water filter bottle like "Be Free" and knowing the water sources along these trails.

Please use extra caution when crossing State Road 900 from Cougar Mountain to Squak Mountain. There is a cross walk in Issaquah and we highly suggest that you utilize it.

Can you run with a pacer? Sure, but it's much more challenging mentally and physically doing it solo.

Virtual 50k

You can run your 50k on any course, road or trail and is dependent on which division you choose. Choose your division of either Fastest Time division or Most Vertical Gain division. A flat or gentle downhill course will give you a faster time and a mountain trail may help you with the vertical division. You might even choose to run laps on the track for a fast time or hill repeats for the vertical division. Invite your friends and set up a fun course to have fun and encourage each other.


The rules are very simple.

Official Time Trail Course
To be eligible for awards you must use the approved course provided.
GPX file is at:
Strava Map 50k file:
Strava Map 100k file:
Caltopo 100k Map file:
Run the course any day or time between May 29, 12:00 am and June 13, 2021, 11:59 pm.
Submit your results, and leave the rest to us.
Your results will need to include a link to a GPS tracking service such as Strava, Garmin Connect, MapMyRun, etc. to show you ran the 0fficial time trial course.
Only one submission per participant. So make it be your run ever!

50k Virtual Results

Run your 50k and submit your results here on UltraSignUp. Your results will need to include a link to a GPS tracking service such as Strava, Garmin Connect, MapMyRun, etc.
Only one submission per participant. So make it be your best run ever!
You must provide proof of time via one of the GPS app methods. No proof. No official time. No award.

Races offered by this event

50K Virtual

Virtual race
01 May 2023 - 13 Jun 2021, (Mon - Sun)
50 km

100K Virtual

Virtual race
01 May 2023 - 13 Jun 2021, (Mon - Sun)
100 km


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