Run Under The Stars™ Oak Ridge, TN

Oak Ridge, TN, USA
13 Apr, 2024 (Sat)


3 hrs, 6 hrs, 12 hrs

About the event


RUN UNDER THE STARS™  3/6/12 hour options

April 13/14 - AK Bissell Park, Oak Ridge, TN - 6pm start for all races. the list below.

NO RELAY TEAMS. Please choose a short time frame if you don't want to run all night.

This is a night time run. Run, jog, walk, rest, stop and start as much as you'd like.
The objective is to see how far you can go; however, you can stop at any time if you've reached your goal or if you've had enough, and get your medal at that time. The Oak Ridge course is a USATF CERTIFIED (TN19003BW) 1.1937 mile fine crushed stone, winding gravel path in AK Bissell Park. Flat course, with less than 20' of gain/loss per loop. Just enough to break things up a bit.

CHIP TIMING SYSTEM. Todd Heady will keep your distance recorded. We will display your distance continually at the timing tent. Check the monitor as you run by.
No traffic, no hills, no roots, no hard running surface.

LARGE AID STATION just off the track. We have a fully stocked station, containing the normal snacks, and fruit including watermelon, cantaloupe, and bananas, plus salty items such as peanut butter pretzels, and chips. PB&J sandwiches are a staple. We bring out grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza at 10pm, and then around 1 or 2 am, chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Please bring containers to drink out of. We are trying to severely limit the number of cups. You can leave your cup at your course side station, or on a table at the aid station.

AMENITIES and AWARDS: Each runner will receive a shirt, cap, drawstring bag, and a custom medal that will indicate your mileage. The top m/f individuals in each category receive a special award. (the number of awards will be in proportion to the number of entrants in each category).

REASONS FOR RUNNING RUTS:  Great training venue for practice at running at night... calibrate your nighttime nutrition needs, get used to being up all night for that upcoming 100 miler (may we suggest Tunnel Hill) or 24 hour venue. Perfect social running event with serious results. You can feel safe due to all the runners around you. Unlike marathons, and non-loop events, you see your friends the entire time, giving you opportunities to run or walk with some runners you'd normally never get to run with.
This could possibly be the course you'll set a personal best for whatever distance you run. Knowing that your vehicle is close by, you have the confidence to keep going.
On Site Parking, at either the Rec Center or Library parking lots. (No driving on grass at this RUTS).

No hotel needed. 

TENNESSEE STATE AGE GROUP RECORDS*: You have an excellent chance of setting an age group record here. Even if you set a record last year, you can set another one this year. Age groups are determined by individual ages, not in 5yr increments like some things.

NOTE: In fairness to all, we don't allow someone in the 12 hour to also claim a 6hr, or 3hr. IF you wish to go for more than one record, you must also be registered for that particular race. Since we're not going to give you 2 or 3 shirts, caps, etc, contact me for a special rate on your second or third event. [email protected]

To see the current records, go here: Click on the category you wish to view.

SET UP: Don't drive out on the course. Please park in one of the parking lots at the park.  Beginning any time after 2pm on Saturday April 13, you can set up a tent under the large shade trees in the grass infield, or alongside the course. There is plenty of room. This is a good one to bring the family to. You can stop and see them as much as you like. Encourage them to run or walk a few laps with you. They love it, and so do we. We only ask that you carry your trash out with you if at all possible. 

DOGS: We love dogs, however they are NOT allowed on the course as part of the race. IF you bring your dog, you will need to keep them on a leash, and out of the way of other runners, or guests. 

RELAY TEAMS -  We've found that with the 3hr/6hr/12hr format there is very little demand for relay teams, so we've eliminated that option.

Any questions, contact Cynthia at  [email protected] or  Todd at [email protected]

* You must be a resident of Tennessee before they will recognize you as an age group record holder.

Races offered by this event

12 HR

13 Apr, 2024 (Sat) - 18:00
12 hrs
On site

6 HR

13 Apr, 2024 (Sat) - 18:00
6 hrs
On site

3 HR

13 Apr, 2024 (Sat) - 18:00
3 hrs
On site


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