Safe T 420

San Antonio, TX, USA
31 Dec, 2021 (Fri)


420 mi

About the event

Free for Team Spinistry members!

The Safe T 420 is a point to point adventure ride deep in the heart of Texas! Specifically routed between Amtrak stops in San Anton & Funky Town (Forth Worth), the SA - FT journey ties together serious adventure with logistical convenience. 

The route is mapped out with a focus on  scenic, rugged and safe travels. Camping is available in multiple spots and historic sites are almost always nearby. While the route starts and ends on extended sections of pavement within urban sprawl, the majority of the route is dirt/gravel roads.

The route extensively utilizes the bike trail networks and in both San Antonio and Fort Worth. The vast majority of the Safe T travels over sparsely used county roads. However, it is impossible to cover this much ground without spending a time on high speed FM (Farm to Market) roads. We suggest that only riders who are comfortable operating in traffic attempt this route.

This is not an event or a race of any kind. This is a suggested route/list of amenities for you to consider when organizing your own bicycle adventure/training ride. We make no claims to the accuracy/safety of this route. Each rider is responsible for taking care of their own needs and riding within their capabilities.

Please note that over 90% of this route has been verified as of 12/1/2018. Minor adjustments have been made based on scouting notes but some of those adjustments have not been verified yet. If you are seeing this note when you register please recognize that you may come across mapped sections which are not viable. Feel free to message us if you need specific details on which areas still need to be confirmed.

A link to GPS files and maps will be included in your confirmation email once you register.

Select amenities by mileage. Riders are expected to do their own research to determine appropriate stopping and resupply:

Mile 0 - Downtown San Antonio
Mile 30 - Last convenience store leaving SA
Mile 56 - Kendalia General Store open until 7pm
Mile 82 - Garrison Brothers Distillery
Mile 83 - Hye General Store and multiple wineries
Mile 87 - LBJ State Park
Mile 134 - Oxford Ranch Campground
Mile 154 - Llano, TX
Mile 178 - Cherokee, TX
Mile 200 - Bad Bob's Bend Store
Mile 241 - Goldthwaite, TX
Mile 280 - Lamkin, TX (no known amenities but several houses)
Mile 291 - Carlton, TX (church and post office)
Mile 303 - Hico, TX
Mile 316 - Iredell, TX
Mile 330 - Walnut Springs, TX
Mile 380 - Cleburne, TX (stop at Taqueria Mexicano Grille Estilo Jalisco and have the al pastor tacos. You're welcome)
Mile 420 - End at Funky Town Amtrak

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420 Mile Point to Point

31 Dec, 2021 (Fri) - 00:01
420 mi
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