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Semi-Marathon Dour Hauts Pays

Dour, Wallonia, Belgium
05 Apr, 2025 (Sat)


21.1 km

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13 USD
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About the event

The Semi Marathon Dour - des Hauts Pays takes runners on a journey through the scenic roads of a verdant region, offering challenging climbs and exhilarating descents that leave a lasting impression on participants. The route is steeped in local lore, including tales of the "caillou qui bique" (the goat-rock), adding to the race's charm. Each finisher is rewarded with a medal of exceptional quality, crafted by a renowned manufacturer in France and distinguished by its rarity.This international circuit, spanning both French and Belgian territories, offers a unique racing experience against the backdrop of a picturesque sunset, accompanied by an evening ambiance. The safety of participants is ensured by vigilant bikers and marshals stationed along the course.
In 2024, 19 elite runners from around the world competed for the prestigious title, with the prize purse totaling 1000 euros. The winning times for the event were 1 hour and 15 minutes in 2023, and 1 hour and 16 minutes in 2024. Looking ahead to 2025, the prize money for the top three finishers will increase to 1000 euros each, reflecting the growing prestige of the event.
As the competition evolves, the prospect of having three winners in 2025 adds an exciting dimension to the race. With each edition, the Semi Marathon Dour - des Hauts Pays continues to captivate both athletes and spectators alike, promising an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Races offered by this event

You have 50 weeks to prepare

Half Marathon

05 Apr, 2025 (Sat) - 18:00
21.1 km
World Athletics Label
On site
Eco friendly

Course details

Course highlights

Course méritant un perfectionnement sur un 21 km. Être en tempo de max 07'.30 " km. Circuit étant de référence et mérite de l'exécuter pour améliorer un temps sur un autre circuit de 21 km. En 2023 - 400 participants En 2024 - 560 participants En 2025 - objectif 1000 participants international. Circuit similaire avec des améliorations sur le circuit. 7 ravitaillements - 2 glucides - 1 solide - eau - Sécurité sur le parcours - paysages et coucher de soleil. Ambiance internationale - podium par catégories de années - exceptionnel aucun semi-marathons réalise cette occasion de monter sur un podium dans votre catégorie. - REMISE MÉDAILLE 🏅 OFFICIELLE - MAILLOT OFFERT - PACK FIN DE COURSE - PODIUM - SOIREE - CITY WASH POUR VOUS DOUCHER - EAU CHAUDE - PARKING 🅿 IMMENCE - OFFRE PROMOTIONNELLE - AVANTAGES HÔTELS MAH - TRANSFERTS POSSIBLES - BIÈRE DU 21 KM " TWENTY ONE " exclusivité 21 km - Kinésithérapeutes massages avant et après course - service médical- avant - pendant - après course Apportez votre SBAM SOURIRE 😃 BRAVO POUR VOTRE PARTICIPATION ACCUEIL SUR LA COURSE MERCI POUR VOTRE PARTICIPATION LET'S GO

Start address

Dour, Belgium

Finish address

Dour, Belgium

Route map

route map

What’s included in entry

These are included in your entry
Finisher medal
Goodie bag
Cash prizes
Nutrition Stations
Medal engraving
Drink Stations
Bag drop
Timing chip (single use)
Training program
Photo Service
Accident insurance
Dressing rooms
Shuttle from Airport
Timing chip (rental)
Event T-shirts
Shuttle to Start Line
Video Service
Finisher’s T-shirts
Expo entry
Pre-race meal
Post-race meal
Medical Assistance


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Price from
13 USD

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