Harrington Sound Rd, Bermuda
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Squid Pro Quo

Harrington Sound Rd, Bermuda, Bermuda
26 Apr, 2024 (Fri)


5 mi

About the event

SQUID PRO QUO is made up of three separate swims aimed to help you get some open water distance under your belt early in the season - you do the distance in return for the fitness - a simple SQUID PRO QUO!:

Friday evening – a one mile swim starting and finishing at the Grotto Bay beachSaturday morning – a 5km swim starting and finishing at Shark Hole in Harrington SoundSaturday night – a 1500m night swim starting at Trunk Island in Harrington Sound and finishing at the Aquarium, after which we will have food and drinks in the main hall of the Aquarium

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Feel free to do one, two or all three of the distances – we are trying to make the focus on getting in some distance, so if you want your time please wear a watch and time yourself! If you want to wear wetsuits, that’s fine, again the focus is on giving you an early season chance to get in the water. The sea surface temperature in late April should be approximately 20˚c / 68˚f, hopefully warm enough for most participants, but also prior to peak boating season.

All participants will receive an event t-shirt, a tow float (optional for the two daytime swims but must be worn for the night swim) and dinner at the Aquarium after the final swim.

Night Swim details:

Swimmers will meet at the Aquarium service entrance next to Flatt's Bridge and be transported out to Trunk Island at 8:00pm for the 1500m night swim and will swim back to the Aquarium. Tow floats with lights inside will be provided and it is mandatory that they are worn. Buoys will also be illuminated to light the route back to the Aquarium and there will be kayak support. Bags can be left on the boat and collected at the finish.


Pre Event Check-in and Briefing.

Check-in will open 1 hour prior to the start of each swim and a safety briefing will take place before each start.


Event Times

1 Mile - 6:30pm start, 26 April 2024 - Grotto Bay Beach Resort

5k - 10:00am start, 27 April 2024 - Shark Hole, Harrington Sound

1500m - 8:30pm start, 27 April 2024 - Trunk Island, Harrington Sound


Sanctioned by Open Water Bermuda (OWB)

Race Fee includes an Event Membership Fee, which provides an Event Membership in Open Water Bermuda for the duration of SQUID PRO QUO

Races offered by this event

Squid Pro Quo Swim Series - 1 Mile, 5k & 1500m Night Swim

26 Apr, 2024 (Fri) - 18:30
5 mi
On site


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