St. Louis Track Club Marathon Relay

St. Louis, MO, USA
19 Nov, 2023 (Sun)


42.195 km

About the event

The race will begin at 9am, at the Son's of Rest Shelter in Tower Grove park (closest to the corner of Grand Ave and Arsenal Rd).  

Gather a group of 4 friends, family members or co-workers and sign up to run the SLTC Marathon Relay.  2 person teams and solo options available as well.  You and your teammates will alternate running the roughly 3.2 mile loop within the East side of Tower Grove Park to complete the 26.2 mile marathon distance. This horseshoe like route makes for an easy way to see your runners at the start and the halfway points in their loops.  See link below for course map.

This year our race is sponsored by Happy's Running Club which meets every Tuesday near Tower Grove park and runs one of 3 loops there each week.  They have been running over 10 years and have about 200 members of runners of all levels.  They are a very supportive and inspiring group of runners.

Our race Bibs this year will be provided by Running Niche, this running store which also offers social runs and help with marathon training is located at 1601 Tower Grove Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110.   We will be conducting our packet pickup from the Running Niche store this year on the Saturday (11/18) 1pm to 5pm.  Race day pickup will start at 8am and the race will begin at 9am. at the Son's of Rest Shelter in Tower Grove park (closest to the corner of Grand Ave and Arsenal Rd).  

We will have some vendor tents (usually running related) at the starting area of the race for you to check out while you are waiting for your chance to run.  Please see what they have to offer.  

Tower Grove Park is a public park and level II arboretum with over 7,000 trees, seven miles of running/walking trails, a tennis and pickleball center, 15 recreation fields, twelve historic Victorian pavilions, and more. The start and finish line will be near the Son's of Rest Pavilion at the east end of the park. Restrooms will be available on site. Feel free to bring a pop up tent and chairs for your team's "home base" during the race.  Each team will receive two gallon bottles of water to fill their own bottles and we will have pre packaged snacks available as well.  Awards will go three deep in each category.

There are multiple options for signing up your team.   Price is $60 for 4 person, $45 for 2 person and $35 for solo and $70 for virtual (shirt and sticker included for each team member of a virtual team).  That is the price for the whole team, NOT per person.

"80 and under" means that the sum of your participant's ages will be 80 or less on race day.  We recently added a category/event for Junior High aged kids to compete with their peers as well.  "160 plus" means that the sum will be 160 or greater and likewise "200 plus" means the sum will be 200 or greater.  Teams in these categories can be made up of all male, all female or mixed gender.

"Open" refers a team that doesn't fit into any of the other categories.

There is also a Family category for those of you who want to share the race with your loved ones, and a Corporate category for that team building experience.

Two person teams are also welcomed, with each runner running a half marathon by the end.  And for those wanting a real challenge you can enter the solo category and complete the marathon on your own.

Please sign up for the category that best fits your group.  Teams will need to sign up as a group and a team captain must complete the registration and make the payment for the entire team.  To receive the Track Club discount, the team member signing your group up must be a member.  After choosing your category make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to add each additional team member where it says "add registrant".  Waivers will be e-mailed to the other members of the team once registration is complete, so make sure to have your teammates' date of birth, mailing address and e-mail address handy when registering.  Please come up with a fun name for your team as well.

Updates and course map can be found at

With rules continuing to change frequently, we will update our Covid guidelines closer to race date, but will follow all city and state guidelines applicable at the time of the race.


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19 Nov, 2023 (Sun) - 09:00
42.195 km
On site

Marathon Relay

19 Nov, 2023 (Sun) - 09:00
42.195 km
Relay (4)
On site


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