Sugarhouse Scramble

Hartland, CT, USA
06 Apr, 2024 (Sat)


63 mi

About the event

Come join in what has become an early spring tradition in the foothills of the Berkshires!  Now in its eighth year, the Sugarhouse Scramble is a fun, non-competitive multi-surface gravel ride that is unique in that it features a stop at a local working sugarhouse for pancakes and fresh maple syrup during the ride!



Starting and ending from Berg Field in East Hartland, CT, the route takes riders through state forests and down quiet backroads with 30ish% of the route being unpaved.

Springtime gravel roads are always unpredictable so we suggest you don't skimp on your tire setup.  All roads should be rideable, but recent rain or snowmelt can definitely make things soft and slow going!  40c tires would be the smallest that we'd suggest riding, but anything larger will just make life a little bit nicer!

The group will roll at 8:00am.  Based on the participants, the large group may split into different groups, but this is truly up to the riders on event day.  The spirit of this ride is to get out on the gravel for the first longer day on the bike and to enjoy the company of your fellow riders.

The food stop, Maple Corner Farm, is located about 39 miles into the route.  The farm offers a full selection of hot breakfast foods, baked items, and of course their fresh maple syrup!  Food will be available for purchase on an individual basis so you can order exactly what you want and pay for it yourself.  After breakfast, a quick stop into to sugarhouse to watch them boil maple syrup is always fun before hitting the road for the final miles  on the route!

Please note that there is no SAG support, Route markings, or aid stations on this ride.  The route passes by a reliable refuel/refill opportunity at mile 26, but besides that there are no other options if you need food/water to make it to the farm.  Another refuel option comes at mile 46.  Riders are expected to be self-sufficient and prepared to handle all fueling and bike mechanical issues themselves.  Also, Maple Corner Farm has limited seating so registering allows us to give them the heads up as to how many of us to expect and is very much appreciated!

If you like the idea of this ride and would like another one created by the same folks, be sure to check out the Knox Expedition on October 15th!

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63 miles

06 Apr, 2024 (Sat) - 08:00
63 mi
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