Taco Trials

East Granby, CT, USA
02 Dec, 2023 (Sat)


10 mi

About the event

An event that's been described as "Harder than Western States," "soul-crushing," and "horrifying." Sold yet?

Eat a taco, run a one mile loop. Do that ten times, and faster than anyone else and you win…(Do you though? Really?)

Entrance price includes the race and 10 taco tickets. Meat and Vegan options available.

All additional proceeds will be going to the Connecticut Forest and Park Association! 


What happens if I don't run all ten loops? You still get a Ragged Cuts medal and a tiny taco for each loop you run.

Can I just run and not eat the tacos?  Sure- if you sign up for a different race. You must eat at least one taco and then run one loop to receive an event medal here.

What happens if I puke? Puking is an immediate DQ. Don't puke. Its gauche.

I'm only planning on eating 2 tacos, can I get a discount? #1 No. #2 Wuss. #3 Bring a friend who likes tacos and they can eat the rest. Taco tickets are only valid from 10am-1pm on race day. Otherwise both the taco gods and CFPA appreciate your sacrifice.

What else should I expect? Tom-foolery. Regret. Stupidity. This race isn't that serious.




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Taco Trials

02 Dec, 2023 (Sat) - 10:00
10 mi
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