The Big Run - Modesto

Modesto, CA, USA
05 Jun, 2024 (Wed)


3.1 mi

About the event

On June 1 at 6:00 pm, let’s inspire the runner in everyone. Come run with us in Modesto!

2022 marks the 6th year of The Big Run®, our annual nationwide 5K event on Global Running Day. We celebrate our local communities by bringing tens of thousands of runners together to cross a finish line and achieve a goal. Registration includes custom bib, medals to the first 50 registered in Stockton and Modesto and first 10 in Brentwood, beer and food post run.


Stay inspired:

●     Not sure where to start? Come see us so we can outfit you in the best gear, talk about your goals, and make sure you meet them. We're here to help.

●     Search #thebigrun on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see how our epic coast-to-coast running community celebrated at The Big Run last year.

About Fleet Feet: Committed to providing expert advice, data-driven insights, head-to-toe product solutions, and robust training programs, each Fleet Feet location serves runners based on the belief that RUNNING CHANGES EVERYTHING™. Learn more at

Races offered by this event

5K Fun Run

05 Jun, 2024 (Wed) - 18:00
3.1 mi
On site


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