The Frozen Four : Matt Catania Memorial

Farmington, CT, USA
03 Mar, 2024 (Sun)


25 min, 30 min, 40 min, 45 min, 50 min

About the event

* Updated Mar 1, 2024 *

THE FROZEN FOUR: MARCH 3rd, 10TH, 17th, 24th, 2024

EBM Papst, 100 Hyde Rd, Farmington, CT 06032.

USA Cycling 8747

Additional race dates will be posted as separate events, dates are above, permit number is the same.






Frozen Four Notes


The Frozen Four training Series is being put on by 4 Cycling teams for 4 days of racing. Riders will race on a closed 1 mile crit course with 4 turns. This is the same course as 2023.


7:30 AM Clinic open to ALL RIDERS


8:00 AM Cat 4/5, Mens ECCC C-D race 30 Minutes Laps are determined by officials 


8:35 AM Womens 3/4/5 ECCC Wom- C-D 40 Minutes Laps are determined by officials 


8:35 AM Junior race (9-14 years old) 25 Minutes Laps are determined by officials 

This race will start right after the Womens race, and will finish before their race


9:20 AM Masters 50-60 Cat 1-4, ECCC Women A-B, Women Cat 1-2-3 45 minutes Laps are determined by officials 

Officials will determine start format (staggered, together, etc). Womens ECCC will have their own prize list


10:10 AM “B” Race- Mens 3-4, ECCC Mens B 45 minutes Laps are determined by officials 

Juniors are included and will be scored separately 


11:05 AM “A” Race- Mens 1,2,3,/ ECCC Mens A 60 Minutes Laps are determined by officials 


Junior Entry Fees are $20 for first race, $10 for Second race.

All others, $45 for first race, $25 for second race




Race Notes from the promoter

Please use the sanitary facilities provided at the parking area and the Start/Finish line. There are Cameras on the buildings along the course, and anyone or your guests/fans caught not using the facilities will cause racers to have their race number suspended and you will be banned from the series. I have talked to all the businesses on the course and they will be checking their surveillance videos.

Please don’t be part of the problem.

Thanks! And have a great race!

Matt Stuart


• There will be Day Of Race registration. There will be an additional $15 fee for registering Day Of.

• Prizes: Top 3 riders get their entry fee back ($45 each) in all categories except Novice/ Cat5.


Day of Registration will be offered - there will be an additional $15 fee if you are registering at the race.   

Race Options for Women: Women are welcome to race in their category as well as take advantage of the crit clinic at 7:30am. For Women who wish to race they have a few more options than listed:
Women 40+, Cat 1-2 - can race Masters 50+
Women 30+ Cat 3-4-5 - can race Masters 50+

Women may enter any race open to their category as well as any race one category lower. For example a Cat 2 woman is eligible to race an open Cat 3-4 race. Cat 1 Women may race two categories down (so they can enter the Open Cat 3-4 race). You can refer to the USAC Rulebook in case of questions, the rule you want is 1.H.9.


• Where is the race, parking, registration, and the bathrooms?
EBM Papst, 100 Hyde Road. Farmington, CT  

From I-84

Get off at Exit 37, Fienemann Road. Take Fienemann road West to RT 6, Take a left on RT 6 (Colt Highway). In Approximately 3 miles bear left on to Hyde road. Parking lot for the race is at EBM Papst at 100 Hyde road. Registration will also be located here, as well as portapotties.

If you miss the turn at Hyde road you can Turn South on New Britain Ave and take a left at the end onto Hyde road.

If you feed this into your GPS and use different directions you may be blocked from getting into the area by the race course.

If you ride your bike out of the Parking area go right and head down the hill, Turn#2 on the course is at Hyde road and Johnson Ave. Please be careful heading to the Start/Finish line if there are riders on the course. Use sidewalks when you can.

• Where are the bathrooms?
Portapotties will be at the registration parking lot, at EBM Papst, 100 Hyde Road. Farmington, CT  
There will be one at the start/finish area as well.

• Is there food/water?
Unfortunately there are no facilities available at the race venue. Please bring your own food/water.  

• Is there warm up on the course?
During races, no.

Please stay out of the Farmington Valley Bike trail parking lot at Johnson and Northwest Drive.  

Riders warming up on local roadways do so at their own risk, rollers / trainers recommended so you can warm up near your vehicle.

Who was Matt Catania?

Matt was instrumental in the GHCC reviving the Plainville Frozen four race. Matt was a police officer in Simsbury CT, an avid cyclist although not a racer. Matt co-owned Forza Cycles in Simsbury, a haven for group rides. Matt sponsored fund raising events which brought many local cyclists together for some fun events. Matt was just an ordinary bike rider who saw the value of supporting local cycling events.

Matt retired from Simsbury PD and became Chief of Police in Plainville, CT. This was about the time the GHCC was looking to revive the old Plainville Spring Series under the new name: The Frozen Four.

Without his support the race you are doing today would not exist. Sadly, Matt passed away from illness a short time ago, never having the chance to enjoy his well earned retirement as a police officer. When you race this Sunday please remember Matt.



Register at:  Search out: the Frozen Four. Online surcharge applies. Port-o-Johns will be located near registration.  Please use these and be aware that many of the buildings have security cameras.  If you are caught not using the proper facilities, the race director will refund your race entry (minus any fees) and will ban you from the entire series.  The series is held under USA Cycling Permit.  One-day licenses may be purchased onsite for $15 and are valid for a single day of racing.  Onsite One-day licenses may only be purchased by Category 5 Men and Women for use in races open to those categories.  Entry Fee includes NEBRA Rider Surcharge of $1 and USA Cycling Insurance Surcharge of $4.75.  USAC approved helmets are mandatory.  Mountain bikes are not allowed.  Cyclocross bikes are allowed.  All USAC race rules apply.  There is a field limit of 50 for the Category 5, 75 for all other fields.  

GHCC (Great Hartford Cycling Club)



Thank you to all of our racers for compliance with these guidelines.

Races offered by this event

25 min

03 Mar, 2024 (Sun)
25 min
On site

30 min

03 Mar, 2024 (Sun)
30 min
On site

40 min

03 Mar, 2024 (Sun)
40 min
On site

45 min

03 Mar, 2024 (Sun)
45 min
On site

50 min

03 Mar, 2024 (Sun)
50 min
On site


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