Trail Mix Gravel Ride - 100km & 150 mile options

Phillipston, MA, USA
11 May, 2024 (Sat)

Gravel biking

100 km, 150 mi

About the event

2024 Trail Mix Gravel Ride - 100k & 150 mi!

We have been very fortunate to have Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, MA hosting us for another super fun Trail Mix ride! Red Apple is the best start/finish venue for a big day of gravel riding!

Start with a freshly brewed cup of tasty coffee (we have very high standards for coffee) or tea pre-rideRestrooms and water are available at the start, parking is ample and no chargeRide a well-vetted 100km gravel ride or 150 mile ride with your friends, a group of people who have similar speed aspirations for the day as you or ride soloRide in an area without much traffic and where you're probably not riding otherwiseHave one mid-ride fuel/support stop with lots of food, water, and a smiling face to feed you. 150-mile riders will see this support stop more than once during the day.Finish the ride with tasty food made by Red Apple or bring your own food. This is a BYO situation at the farm so you get what you want post-ride and this way we can keep the price of registration as low as possible for everyone. Red Apple's Brew barn has a great menu and beer on tap as well!You'll get a Crud Cloth! These make cleaning up and feeling fresh post-ride feel sooo good!There is no on-bike mechanical support. We're starting riders off with gaps so that slower riders will be passed by faster riders at some point and will allow more overlap which offers visibility for riders throughout the ride. Riders are expected to bring all tools necessary for mechanical situations. Details of what to bring are at the Ride Page.The ride is unlikely to be changed or canceled due to rain or weather. The ride runs rain or shine though dangerous weather or circumstances outside of our control will cancel (ex: thunderstorms).There are no refunds, insurance and basic ride scouting, paying staff, and organization of this ride is expensive. We want to offer you a great day on the bike. Should we need to cancel, a portion of your registration will be credited to a future ride we run.Reconnect with your gravel riding friends! Make new friends for the season!!

The Ride Page on the NEER website has complete information about this ride, please read it in its entirety:

Races offered by this event

150 mile Huge Gravel Ride Option

11 May, 2024 (Sat) - 04:00
Gravel biking
150 mi
On site

100 km Mixed Terrain Ride

11 May, 2024 (Sat) - 08:00
Gravel biking
100 km
On site


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