True Grit Epic - Santa Clara, UT

Santa Clara, UT, USA
16 Mar, 2024 (Sat)


15 mi, 50 mi, 100 mi

About the event


True Grit Epic is a long, tough, and technical race through some of the most beautiful country in the West. The event is the Season Opener for the National Ultra Endurance Series for both the Century and Marathon Categories and often sets the pace for the series leaders. If a category is NUE next to it that means you will earn series points. But you do not have to be signed up for the series to enter. More information on NUE can be found here

You now have the option of doing the event as a Mountain/Gravel Stage Race. There are 3 stages 

Hosted near St George UT, this early-season event boasts daytime temperatures in the mid-’70s. The event starts & finishes in the center of the small enclave of Santa Clara, with tree-lined streets, live music,  and an expo.

Come see why racers travel from all over the world for this truly epic event.

JR' SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS    All Jr's will register on the waitlist. Once you have put your name in you must submit your JR application   SUBMIT RESUME AND WAIVER

Once your application is approved you will be moved into the race and your credit card charge. 

The last day we will accept Jr on the waitlist is February 22, or when the category is full. The last day to submit our application and pre-ride is February 28. 


Schedule Changes for 2024   Please pay attention to the following schedule changes - Dates are March 16 & 23

True Grit Races will be held over two weekends. The Mountain bike races are on March 11 and the Gravel Races on March 18. 

Stage Racers will attend both weekends. 

Start Times will be adjusted due to Daylight saving. 

DEADLINE for merchandise pre-orders is January 20, 2021. 


Plan Your Trip to the St George Area

Ship Your Bike:

We have a partnership with BIKEFLIGHTS to help get your bike from your house to our race. 


Preferred Lodging:



On-Site: Limited camping at the Venue.  Reserve when you register 

Snow Canyon State Park: 5 miles from the Venue, has RV hookups 


Take on the Tripple Challenge.  Race True Grit Mountain, Gravel, and the 6 hours in Frog Hollow to kick your race season off right. All Mountain Bike racers will receive a discount in your confirmation email. 


Races offered by this event

50 miles

16 Mar, 2024 (Sat)
50 mi
On site

100 miles

16 Mar, 2024 (Sat)
100 mi
On site

15 miles

16 Mar, 2024 (Sat)
15 mi
On site


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