Whitefish Turkey Trot

Whitefish, MT, USA
28 Nov, 2024 (Thu)


5 km

About the event

  Join us for the 15th Annual Whitefish Turkey Trot!  

Start off your Thanksgiving morning at with a 5K run or walk around Whitefish, starting and ending at the North Valley Food Bank. 


COURSE: The 3.1 mile course begins on Junes Way in front of the North Valley Food Bank. Participants will run or walk south on Flathead Ave and turn right onto O'Brien Ave. Participants will then turn left on West 7th St (crossing to the sidewalk), right on Karrow, right on West 3rd St, right on Geddes Ave, and left on West 5th St as it turns into Flint Ave. Trotters will turn left on Scott Ave and cross the Whitefish River on the footbridge, and make right turns on East 4th St and Baker Ave, running through downtown Whitefish back toward the start. Trotters will make a final right turn on Junes Way and run through the finish arch back at the North Valley Food Bank. The route will be marked and volunteer course marshals will help direct participants along the route. 

Please be advised that weather conditions are variable, and there is a high likelihood of snow and/or ice on the course. While we will do our best to use sand or salt to provide a safe start and finish area, the rest of the course will be left up to Mother Nature. We highly recommend bringing Yaktrax or ice spikes for your running shoes!

PARKING: Limited parking is available courtesy of The Wave Aquatic & Fitness Center in the nearby parking lot, otherwise street parking is available in downtown Whitefish.

DONATIONS: In addition to the proceeds from this event, we encourage you to bring food donations to the food bank if you are able! In particular, NVFB is in need of: turkeys, hams, fresh potatoes and yams, canned yams, canned corn, cranberry sauce, pie filling, dehydrated potatoes, stuffing, gravy mix, cornbread mix, crescent rolls, boxed pie crust, butter, olive oil, oats, flour, sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and/or salt and pepper.

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28 Nov, 2024 (Thu) - 09:00
5 km
On site


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