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Arctic Marathon Finland - Apr 2022

19 May, 2022 (Thu)

Arctic Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k by Santa Claus, takes you to the most authentic of Finnish Lapland.
The race starts from Father Christmas’ village square in Rovaniemi, where the exact Arctic Circle line is located.
The race takes place between semi-urban sectors combined with the coniferous forest and the crossing of some frozen river.
Temperature during the race: -7ºC

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1 Keri Jones UK 03:34:48
2 Ingrid Rosmalen Holland 03:48:24

Half Marathon

1 Rudolf Pipis Hungary 01:47:15
2 Patricia Jones Ghana 02:02:40


1 Maria Esperanza Spain 01:02:46

This first edition has representation of 9 different countries from Europe, America and Africa.


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