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Elbrus World Race 2012 - Annual Event on the Europe's top (5642 meters above sea level)

06 Oct 2011 09:06
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Elbrus World Race (EWR) – first time ever

  • First edition of Elbrus World Race 2012 will be held first week of August 2012.
  • EWR is a union of four contests – Ultra Trail Marathon, Mountaineering contest, Adventure Race and Trail Running contest
  • EWR is an annual event EWR creation was driven by love and a dream. Two founders of EWR – Sergey and Ivan spent many days on Elbrus and Elbrus area since childhood and dreamed to make big event on Elbrus. Inspiration came from big events around the world like race around Mont Blanc and also from desire to do something own, something special.

Mount Elbrus
Credit : Elbrus World Race

Elbrus World Race contests

  • Elbrus Ultra Trail – one stage, mountain ultra-marathon, with individual participation. Length of 81 km, 7 mountain passes, the total elevation of 6,350 meters, the total descent – 7,150 meters. Starting on Thursday, 2nd of August, at 12.00 in the village Azau. Time limit – 48 hours.
  • Elbrus Traverse – one stage, mountaineering contest, for twos or threes, Traverse – the ascent from the village Azau south of Mount Elbrus on the western summit of Elbrus (5642) and descend to the Elbrus World Race North Camp on the north side of Elbrus. Length of 27 km, the total elevation of 3300 meters, the total descent – 3,150 meters. Starting on Wednesday, 1st of August, at 22.00 in the village Azau.
  • Elbrus Adventure Race – one stage, adventure race in the foothills of Mount Elbrus. Elements: mountainbike, adventure run, fixed ropes. Approximate winning time – 24 hours. Teams – three, at least one female participant in the team. Starting on Wednesday, 1st of August, at 12.00 in the village of Elbrus. Time limit – 72 hours.
  • Elbrus Trail – running contest with the individual participation. Length of 28 km, one mountain pass, the total elevation of 1900 meters, the total descent – 1900 meters. Starting on Friday, 5th of August, at 10.00 in the village of Verhnii Baksan. Time limit – 24 hours.

The Elbrus World Race event center and event camp will be located in the village of Elbrus.

Facts about Elbrus

Elbrus (5642) – is an iconic mountain in Caucasus mountain chain, located in south Russia between Black Sea and Caspian Sea. With its 5642 meters (18 510 ft.) above the sea level western summit of Elbrus is a highest point of geographical Europe. Elbrus has a volcano nature explaining the distinct, “round” look of the Elbrus. Elbrus is dominating above surroundings with whole 4741 meters of shoulder drop.

Elbrus area is dynamically changing – region of Elbrus is traditionally popular for alpine skiing and mountaineering. Russia is planning to develop Elbrus region into modern mountaineering and ski cluster with 3 times increased infrastructure capacity compare to current one. Estimated size of investments is over 2 billion US dollars for coming 10 years.

EWR organization

EWR organization – is a team of event specialists, mountain guides and international volunteers connected by passion for mountains and motivation to make a great event.

EWR President – Sergey Zon-Zam – mountaineer, high mountains guide, creator and owner of Russian market leading outdoor retail chain “Alpindustria”.

EWR Race Director – Ivan Kuzmin, Ski-Orienteering World Champion, adventure racer, director of several International sport events – ski races, adventure races, orienteering races

Elbrus World Race is assisted by “Alpindustria” -, leading Russian outdoor retail chain and professional mountaineering tour operator with the network of experienced guides and expertise in mountaineering and mountain security in the Elbrus area.

Contacts Ivan Kuzmin, race director E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +7 985 220 6949