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Luis Alberto Hernando maintains leadership in Everest Trail Race after third day

12 Nov, 2017 (Sun)
ETR 2017
Credit : Ian Coreless

Kharikhola. Third consecutive day as a leader after finishing second stage. Nepali rider Suman Kulung won the race and narrowed the gap in the overall standings. Portuguese runner Ester Alves lost the lead.

Some runners describe it as more difficult than the epic stage of the previous day and more complex, mainly due to the increase in mileage, and because the passage of days begins to be noticed in their legs after reaching the equator of the competition. During the night, the thermometer dropped to minus 7 degrees Celsius in the camp and the 37.4 km of the day was not turkey snot. The athletes made a very technical descent of vertigo inside a forest from almost 4,000m altitude to 3,000m to reach the first control point. Suman Kulung (TRAÇA ESQUÍ i ESPORTS DE MUNTANYA) came in first place and Luis Alberto Hernando (ADIDAS) came second in 3 minutes. The Nepalese rider led all the control points to get his first stage victory and Luis Alberto Hernando fought with all his strength to prevent him from distancing too far. Hernando arrive at the finish line 8 minutes 31 seconds after him and is still leading. Kulung is now second overall at 7 minutes 55 seconds and adds one more point of excitement to the second half of the race. The two of them arrived exhausted after putting the body on the edge. Kulung to win the stage and reach the lead; Hernando not to lose it. The athlete Jordi Gamito (THE ELEMENTS) finished third and is fourth overall. The local runners dominated the third stage. In addition to Suman Kulung’s triumph, her compatriot in the women’s category ChheChee Sherpa gave an exhibition. He won the stage and leadership of the Everest Trail by The Elements Pure Coconut Water after recovering more than 36 minutes from Portuguese runner Ester Alves of the leading THE ELEMENTS team two consecutive days. The day had a negative 4,110m drop where the athletes chained several descents where he highlighted the one they did with almost 10km until shortly before the arrival to Kharikhola, where the third camp of the Everest Trail Race has been mounted.


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