Results 2018: ColleMar-athon

09 May, 2018 (Wed)
Credit : Teleskianto TSK


Youness Zitouni outran roughly 887 runners to win with a time of 02:27:38. Coming in second was Cristian Carboni (02:44:21). Marco Serasini got the third place in 02:46:32.

In the ladies race, it was Simonetta Menestrina (03:06:21) taking the top spot. She bested Federica Poesini who crossed the finish line 50 secondes behind her. Rounding out the top three was Denise Tappatà  with a time of 03:08:04.

Top 5 Men

1 Youness Zitouni MAR 02:27:38
2 Cristian Carboni ITA 02:44:21
3 Marco Serasini ITA 02:46:32
4 Mirco Pettinelli ITA 02:50:12
5 Mattia Santarelli ITA 02:53:07

Top 5 Women

1 Simonetta Menestrina ITA 03:06:21
2 Federica Poesini ITA 03:07:11
3 Denise Tappatà  ITA 03:08:04
4 Maryna Shapovalova UKR 03:13:53
5 Barbara Cimmarusti ITA 03:17:10

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Mezza Maratona

Davide Seri outran roughly 647 runners to win with a time of 01:16:18, followed by Andrea Barcelli who finished with a time of 01:17:47. Finishing third was Giuseppe Montano (01:17:55).

In the ladies race, Federica Stedile scored victory with a time of 01:25:56 . She bested Valeria Baldassarri who crossed the finish line 3 minutes 30 secondes behind her. While Giulia Morbidelli came in third at 01:37:12

Top 5 Men

1 Davide Seri ITA 01:16:18
2 Andrea Barcelli ITA 01:17:47
3 Giuseppe Montano ITA 01:17:55
4 Emanuele Battaglia ITA 01:20:36
5 Massimiliano Paolucci ITA 01:21:08

Top 5 Women

1 Federica Stedile ITA 01:25:56
2 Valeria Baldassarri ITA 01:29:26
3 Giulia Morbidelli ITA 01:37:12
4 Veronica Pierini ITA 01:37:41
5 Gigliola Guidi ITA 01:39:31

Complete results#

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