Results 2018: Joburg 10K City Run

25 Sep, 2018 (Tue)
2016 FNB Joburg 10K CITYRUN / Elite Women’s Race
Credit : NewsportMedia

Filmon Ande outpaced more then 10333 runners to win in 00:29:26. Coming in second was Mande Bushendich (00:29:36). Finishing third was Namakoe Nkasi (00:29:39).

In the women’s race, Irvette Van Zyl took top honours by finishing the race in 00:33:51 . Susy Chebet earned runner-up honours with a time of 00:34:29. While Gerda Steyn came in third at 00:35:01

Top 5 Men

1 Filmon Ande 00:29:26
2 Mande Bushendich 00:29:36
3 Namakoe Nkasi 00:29:39
4 Thabang Masiako 00:29:58
5 Jobo Khatoane 00:30:12

Top 5 Women

1 Irvette Van Zyl 00:33:51
2 Susy Chebet 00:34:29
3 Gerda Steyn 00:35:01
4 Glenrose Xaba 00:35:10
5 Mamorallo Tjoka 00:35:38

Complete results

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