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Results 2019: Zurich Maratón Sevilla

18 Feb, 2019 (Mon)
Credit : Instituto Municipal Deportes Sevilla

Ayana Tsedat got a win, finishing with a record time of 02:06:36. He finished 3 secondes ahead of Belay Asefa. Finishing third was Birhanu Berga (02:06:41).

For the women, Guteni Shone won the race with a time of 02:24:29, establishing as well a new course record. Abeba Gebremeskel earned runner-up honours with a time of 02:24:53. Finishing third was Dinkesa Yenenesh (02:25:54).

Top 5 Men

1 Ayana Tsedat ETH 02:06:36
2 Belay Asefa ETH 02:06:39
3 Birhanu Berga ETH 02:06:41
4 Okubai Tsegay ERI 02:06:46
5 Daniel Kibet KEN 02:06:49

Top 5 Women

1 Guteni Shone ETH 02:24:29
2 Abeba Gebremeskel ETH 02:24:53
3 Dinkesa Yenenesh ETH 02:25:54
4 Sifan Melaku ETH 02:26:46
5 Urge Diro ETH 02:28:10

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