Results 2022: Österreichischer Frauenlauf

23 May, 2022 (Mon)

10 km Run

In the women’s race, Silva Feliu Cristina got a win, finishing with a time of 00:36:24 , followed by Trklja-boca Nora who finished with a time of 00:36:45. Feit Teresa got the third place in 00:37:23.

Top 5 Women

1 Silva Feliu Cristina ESP 00:36:24
2 Trklja-boca Nora SRB 00:36:45
3 Feit Teresa AUT 00:37:23
4 Totschnig Pia AUT 00:37:34
5 Corning Shelby USA 00:38:03

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5 km Run

In the women’s race, it was Popadiak Beata (00:17:41) taking the top spot. Popadiak Beata and Farmer Nicole share the same time (00:18:15) and the second place.

Top 5 Women

1 Popadiak Beata POL 00:17:41
2 Farmer Nicole AUT 00:18:15
3 Grabner Sophie AUT 00:18:15
4 Buschung Chantal ENG 00:18:57
5 Resch Lucia AUT 00:19:03

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